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only two more Thursdays 'til Turkey Day yall!

this is my highlight meal for the week:

madewithOver (27)

this filling, savory meal is the Baked Penne with Sausage and Kale from FITzee Foods.  the kale part immediately sparked my taste buds!  whole wheat penne pasta, chicken italian sausage, and fresh kale all baked together with a dairy-free cream sauce, mushrooms, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh herbs. i'm lovin' it.

-----> a 'buy 4 meals get the 5th free' deal is happening right, right now! take advantage, fit friends.<-----

i would just love to express my joy for the Sprout channel real quick.


my sis-in-law told me about it months ago and after the last adult joke i could stand from Sponge Bob i decided to look it up in our cable directory.


3 words. WHAT A BLESSING.  Chiso has fallen head over heels in love with, well, every single show.  his absolute fave is Caillou.   Caillou games have mysteriously appeared on the iPad and neither Sonny nor myself put them there.  and then there's Tree Fu Tom:

[wpvideo 4WCUAklq]

so even if we don't head to the park, he can still move and shake indoors! that makes me one happy fit mom. but not happy enough to clean out that file cabinet.

Chiso sings,  interacts,  learns, & plays SO much more so than when the TV was on Nickelodeon or  Disney.  the Sprout channel caters to his crowd (24 hour pre-school channel) and i have really seen a different side of him these past few weeks.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.36.03 PM

they have a fantastic, interactive website too! games, videos, and next on our agenda is printing out some of the blank coloring sheets provided of some of his favorite characters (soon as we get some more ink.) i am fond of several of the shows myself; especially The Goodnight Show :lol:.   i really like that they keep some of the classic shows like Sesame Street in rotation too. ooooh the memories. i am just too happy about this and wanted to share.

 parents, please check and see if your cable provider hosts this channel for your little one!  if you're already a fan, which show does your little one love the most?

you can check out the FITzee Foods Facebook & Twitter pages, or click here to order.


all natural + BOO

image(1)there are so many cute Halloween snacks on Pinterest and IG and this is as creative as i could get this morning.  that rain pouring down outside explains that face-  it's supposed to last all day here in Houston!


a year ago today...whew.  now he talks back and can operate an iPad better than his grandparents.

anyway, we'll be carving pumpkins indoors tonight then.

***because it took me all day to get this post up, i'm happy to announce the sun is now, in fact, OUT!****


up early livin' the FITzee lifestyle this morning and getting my workout in before the busy day begins.  so, how did i get that sweaty?  you wanted a cardio workout so you got it!

photo (10)

repeat this 3x's through, but in between each set:

  • run one full lap around your track (or time a 2 minute run at a steady pace through your neighborhood)


  • 2:10 minutes on the treadmill at 6.5 mph.

leave a comment and tell me what a SWEATY good time you had doing this!


you should know by now that FITzee Foods meals are prepared with all natural ingredients.  why is this so important though?

because all-natural refers to food that is:

  • minimally processed
  • additive-free
  • chemical-free
  • no genetic manipulation
  • hormone-free
  • antibiotic-free
  • sweetener-free
  • food coloring-free
  • flavoring-free

i researched some of the more popular,  frozen, pre-packaged  'tv dinners' and i'd like to show you something:


(clockwise from the top left) Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Michelinas, & Smart Ones.

scary, huh :shock: .

processed foods have a completely different affect on my body, and you will notice a gigantic difference too once you start to eat whole, all natural foods on a consistent basis.  they slow my digestive system to a halt, they're not as filling which intensifies my hunger or cravings ( usually with sweets/sugar), and they tend to bloat me from the high soduim or sugar levels.  besides, having to google ingredients before eating your meal kinda makes it less and less appetizing.  FITzee Foods keeps it fresh, all natural, and simple, but that means anything BUT bland, friends.  see for yourself just how flavorful and filling these meals are.


now that's an ingredient list i can dig and feel great about sharing with my growing fam bam. no additives or preservatives also means a shorter shelf life, so this is just a reminder to either refrigerate, freeze, or eat your FITzee meals immediately upon arrival.  if frozen, they are good for up to two more months.

you can check out the FITzee Foods Facebook & Twitter pages, or click here to order!



hearty turkey casserole + fit foodie lean legs workout

while i was away at the BE Conference (that post is in the works), my FITzee Foods orders came in!  thankfully Sonny only got to one meal before i got my hands on them :x.  i now have a new favorite to add to my list i wanted to share with ya:

Mom's Hearty Turkey Casserole


layers of sautéed vegetables, lean ground turkey, rich tomato sauce, and mashed yams all baked to perfection and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese!   low carb and gluten-free.  it was the first meal i cracked open and it reminded me of a healthified shepherd's pie.  this experience was over way too fast.

*stats: 353 cals, 16g fat, 20g carbs, 5g fiber, 29g protein*

photo (4)

then i hit the gym to combat the massive amount of sugar i ate over the weekend :shock:

i created that lean leg routine up there while using the limited hotel gym at the conference, and did it again that day.    grab two dumbbells (preferably 10's or higher) and a sturdy wall to lean on for the wall sits and have at it.  3-5 times through, no breaks!


i couldn't decide which bar to eat for my post workout snack so i ate both!!!! kidding, i had the apples 'n oats, my fave.


afterwards, PWO grocery shopping.  which is always a bad idea for me.  i can never wait until i get home to open something up.  you can eat them in the car. you can eat them on a chair. you can eat them ANYWHERE.  get those greens in :)

the FITzee Food's menu changes frequently because they use local, seasonal and natural ingredients.  make sure to keep checking the online menu to see the latest and greatest culinary delights – they just might become your new favorite.

photo (3)

in those defeated moments, think back to why you even started your journey in the first place.

then keep going, friends!!!

 FITzee Food questions? email me directly at  to order your healthy meals, go check out the September menu- October is upon us! 


meet me at the bar

so about those FITzee bars i was telling you about- well, we love'em.  ESPECIALLY my little guy!  the older he gets, the pickier his appetite becomes.  so, i'm glad he is quite fond of them *wipes forehead*


they make for a healthy, kid friendly, toddler-tested-fitmom-approved snack.  this is the Apples 'n Oats bar (whey protein + gluten-free oats + dried apples and cinnamon), but there are 9 flavors to choose from.


so, i talk about the 80/20 rule (80% clean diet / 20% whatever i desire in moderation calculated into my macros) a lot and how i prefer to eat real, low - no processed food over bars or shakes.  however, when i do chow down on a bar (and i do), it needs to meet certain standards for me and these do! FITzee bars are:

*all natural

*portable for on-the-go


* no mess

* ideal carb:protein:fat ratio

*easy to digest and eliminates hunger

*lactose, wheat, & gluten-free

*naturally sweetened

 *low sodium

  the result? one amazing energy bar designed to replicate a balanced meal that is suitable for every person and any lifestyle!


they are sweet, chewy and i adore the little chunks of apple and oats in there.  see the nutritional contents for each bar on the FITzee Foods menu here.

the latest FITzee Foods meal i'm feelin' is the read beans and rice with chicken andouille.


i added some fresh green onion and shredded cheddar almond cheese on top before i mixed it all together.  comfort food at it's finest!  i told you, they have it all.

[wpvideo PfvpPdPz]

in deep thought at the squat bar during this morning's early workout, as always!  i do hope your Thursday was a PRODUCTIVE one.  if you don't do it, it won't get done.


chop, chop


oooooh i needed this espresso this morning of all days.  compliments of one of my early morning Lifetime members, so sweet.  i chugged my own instant coffee on the way to class then this on the way home.  running off of 3 hours of sleep + caffeine = a HARD crash sooner or later.

today's workout:

  • 1 hr Barbel Strength (full body weight workout)
  • walking weighted lunges 3 x s forward and reverse ( approx. 50 feet?? idk!)
  • 10 minutes straight of core (russian twists, bicycle crunches, planks)
  • 20 min cardio on the elliptical

so random! i normally use my class as my warmup and go do my real workout afterwards, but my body checked OUT immediately after class.  GET YOUR REST GUYS.  it will catch up to you....eventually.

 i stayed up super late the night before getting things ready for the tortilla giveaway that took place earlier today!


------------->STEPHANIE RUANO!<-----------------

i want to personally thank every single person who entered into this giveaway! i'm just paying it forward, passing on the blessing, and loving it!

 THANK YOU kindly.

theres more to come though- stay.tuned.

so this past tuesday was definitely NOT about me so i did not include this in Sonny's birthday post, but i did a little something to my hair that was WELL overdue.


 i have neglected this head of mine for a long, long time.   i go to the shop for special occasions, but in between those visits, HA.  bun city.  i actually planned to go waaaaay shorter than that, but i am super satisfied.  it definitely doesn't look like this anymore after 2 workouts lol, but i'm gonna do better about maintaining my hair! this time.

it's official. i'm out of Fitzee Foods.  I didn't leave a note on the fridge and Sonny actually ate a few of the meals they sent me which means i did not get to snag a pic of them.  but it's all good cause i am about to put in another order real quick!


Fitzee Foods is based out of San Diego, CA, but they deliver nation wide.  thank God, cause Texas is quite a ways away from Cali.     their meals are:

  • local, organic, all natural products
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snack and meal replacement bar options
  • gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian options available

if you have questions about a specific product on their site, email me! (  my Fitzee Foods product reviews will resume shortly.

last fitness class of the week in the morning :shock: ! nite

Q: have you ever done something drastic to your hair and regretted it?