chop, chop


oooooh i needed this espresso this morning of all days.  compliments of one of my early morning Lifetime members, so sweet.  i chugged my own instant coffee on the way to class then this on the way home.  running off of 3 hours of sleep + caffeine = a HARD crash sooner or later.

today's workout:

  • 1 hr Barbel Strength (full body weight workout)
  • walking weighted lunges 3 x s forward and reverse ( approx. 50 feet?? idk!)
  • 10 minutes straight of core (russian twists, bicycle crunches, planks)
  • 20 min cardio on the elliptical

so random! i normally use my class as my warmup and go do my real workout afterwards, but my body checked OUT immediately after class.  GET YOUR REST GUYS.  it will catch up to you....eventually.

 i stayed up super late the night before getting things ready for the tortilla giveaway that took place earlier today!


------------->STEPHANIE RUANO!<-----------------

i want to personally thank every single person who entered into this giveaway! i'm just paying it forward, passing on the blessing, and loving it!

 THANK YOU kindly.

theres more to come though- stay.tuned.

so this past tuesday was definitely NOT about me so i did not include this in Sonny's birthday post, but i did a little something to my hair that was WELL overdue.


 i have neglected this head of mine for a long, long time.   i go to the shop for special occasions, but in between those visits, HA.  bun city.  i actually planned to go waaaaay shorter than that, but i am super satisfied.  it definitely doesn't look like this anymore after 2 workouts lol, but i'm gonna do better about maintaining my hair! this time.

it's official. i'm out of Fitzee Foods.  I didn't leave a note on the fridge and Sonny actually ate a few of the meals they sent me which means i did not get to snag a pic of them.  but it's all good cause i am about to put in another order real quick!


Fitzee Foods is based out of San Diego, CA, but they deliver nation wide.  thank God, cause Texas is quite a ways away from Cali.     their meals are:

  • local, organic, all natural products
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snack and meal replacement bar options
  • gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian options available

if you have questions about a specific product on their site, email me! (  my Fitzee Foods product reviews will resume shortly.

last fitness class of the week in the morning :shock: ! nite

Q: have you ever done something drastic to your hair and regretted it?