12 moves to lift your booty & spirits


busy mama @ home booty workout!  pin away!

         wanna see something incredible?  just go outside! tv off, iPad and phones down (except to take a pic or it didn't happen, haha)

whether you get in a 6 minute or a 60 minute workout a day, they're both better than a 0 minute workout! #AmIRight!?  squeeze this puppy in when you can and follow it up with a walk outside if the weather permits.

see the clip here via Instagram; the entire workout is below.

get on the floor and do 12 reps on each leg and make sure you actually SQUEEZE your glute(s) for every single rep.

nah, GO!


1. ^donkey kicks (push through your heel...not toes)


2. ^straight leg hamstring curls (foot is flexed)


3. ^stiff leg lifts (point your toe)


4. ^heel up and overs


5. ^clam shells (lying on your side, feet always touching)


6. ^inner thigh lifts (laying on your side)


7. ^front leg kicks (laying on your side)


8. ^super womans (also great for lower back)

glute bridge variations:


9. ^both feet down


10. ^L leg cross, R leg cross,


11. ^L leg straight up, R leg straight up)


you did eeeeet! now go feed and love on that baby!

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !



'locked and loaded' with the Mumberry Flourish Tank! #MumsWhoMove


support, compression, coverage, comfort. 

201607097010714794 things you need when staying active while pregnant!  i put the Flourish Maternity Tank to the test recently for both weights & cardio and was impressed to say the least. my #1 reason? the fabulous, full coverage, built-in bra which kept the girls in place the entire time.  i love that it even doubles as breast pads when you're nursing to prevent leakage stains!! #beenthere #awkward how cool is that!?  Processed with VSCObuilt-in bras fail me left and right, even when i'm not preggo.  but not this 3 in 1 tank. no need to buy a sports bra, belly band, and a maternity tank separately ever again.  i've actually never worn a belly band before, but the Mumband experience helped me hold better posture while lifting!  even with all the bending and reaching, the band stayed in place, didn't ride up and/or expose me, and continued to provide wonderful back and belly support.  Processed with VSCOthe thick, soft, double wide, criss cross strap design provided maximum support without digging into my shoulders.Processed with VSCOand that teal! it's one of my favorite colors.  currently, you can save 20% on your tank now by simply joining Mumberry's mailing list, woo hoo!Processed with VSCOfit mamas, i encourage you to take the Mumband Challenge.  if your belly doesn't feel more supported while wearing the Mumband maternity belly band, you can return it for a full refund.  win-win. 

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