excited to announce that ya girl has been chosen to be a 2019 Chevron Houston Marathon Ambassador!!!


i'm one of 15;

click here to get to know each of us a lil' bit better.

yesterday was #throwbackthursday so i took a lil' trip down memory lane and posted a few nostalgic pics from past CHM weekends.  it's one of my favorite traditions and i hope to run alongside my babies one day.


CONGRATS to all my fellow 2019 ambassadors; looking forward to making memories and racking up miles together this year! 

make sure you are following the @chevronhoustonmarthon IG page for updates.

THANK YOU GUYS for your sweet support, well wishes, and encouragement, comments, and LOVE!  race registration is opening soon (June 7th); i hope to meet, run, and train with some of y'all:)

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Zoo with my Boo and his crew


did i really just chaperone my oldest son and his classmates on their very first field trip? are you kidding me? i had several mommy moments that day and they all started after i looked at this pic. just wow.we went to the Houston zoo and had a fab time in less than 2.5 hours. that's really all the time you need! no rain, not hot, not cold, just... perfect weather for us and the animals.kindergartener's eat lunch early so that's exactly what we did when we arrived around 10am.after that, it was ON!who everyone usually stops by to see first, right?  haaaaaay, sea otters."what's in there?  just birds?  ugh. can we go see something else now Miss Leah?"good day, Mr. i the only one that immediately thinks, "omg...3 million people (and counting) have touched those hands, aaaaagh!!!" #germs but what do i know...they may disinfect and wipe them down daily. *shrugs*that's a big cat.we seriously walked up at THE perfect time.  we got the best view of some of the zoo staff giving the lions a snack they referred to as "lion ice cream"!  it was actually goats milk mixed with water and they administer it to the lions through a spray bottle.  they loooooove it.chillin' cheetahs.then we saw...the bears,the ducks,the highly requested giraffes,zebras,rhinos, and we finally made our way to see the silver back gorillas in their semi-new exhibit!  i made some cool IG stories but forgot to save them, SMH! last thing before heading back to the front gates to meet up with the rest of the class!beautiful. God's creation!that's a wrap! we'll be back for spring break with Dego & Kosi since i was unable to bring them!

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !



35 Weeks: Maternity Photoshoot Prep


what this past friday afternoon looked like for us.20161028-797364615-1just taking a moment on the floor like we often do.  Dego & i had just gotten home from training clients and a trip to the Nike Outlet for our family maternity shoot outfits.  Chiso was fresh from school and ecstatic about being homework-free.  my hair was halfway done, and i still didn't really know how things would come together with our shoot the next day.20161028_162830-01my sis-in-law, Kara, told me exactly where to go for big, bold, crazy affordable jewelry; Harwin!  if you're a Houstonian then you are prolly familiar with this area of town.  i figured with goddess locs i might as well go for a goddess look. lol, i don't know!  i need soooo much help with putting outfits/accessories together (maybe this is why interior design is not my thing either, sheesh) and i was so looking forward to getting together with Kara to shop and eat. we couldn't get our schedules together before shoot day so i did my best!img_20161029_130225saturday morning glaaaaam.img_04641 a huge thank you to makeup_byMeagan for taking my face on! she did an amazing job.  i am so not used to wearing dramatic, heavy makeup though; it always takes me some getting used to my own face.  as always, my sis, Ogechi, hooked my hair UP.img_20161029_175859family fitness shoot DONE. omg. we shot the pics inside The Core Gym and once the boys walked in and saw all the toys equipment, their little brains started going 8000 miles per minute!!!  i truly hope the chaos was captured perfectly!  afterwards, i really wanted to just change and go do my individual shots immediately, but Sonny intervened and said we all needed to go take a break, sit down, and eat. i didn't argue! our photographer, Christin, said she was prepared to be with us until we got all our ideas in so of course we kept her well fed. 20161029_151534-01hoping to get the maximum amount of cooperation out of Chiso during the shoot (cause once that window is closed, usually it's a wrap :| ) i told him he could pick where we ate for lunch afterwards.  he excitedly screamed Jason's Deli!  Sonny just knew i persuaded his decision ;) but it was definitely the free soft serve. 20161029_171930-01Christin swore to me she and Chiso would be BFFs by the end of the day but this guy literally ran and jumped in her arms after lunch!20161029_174845Sonny kept the boys company while we shot a few individuals but they naturally made their way into some of them so Christin took advantage.  i wore 3 different Sew Trendy Accessories gowns.20161029_183507-01dinner time!  and lookie there, lol.20161029_184342-01Christin could not believe we were about to eat again, haha! Whole Foods Post Oak was a few doors down and perfect cause even the pickiest of eaters can find something tasty there.20161029_184516-01i went with eggplant parmesan, baked hoki w/ a roasted red bell pepper sauce, sweet potato crunch, a few roasted brussels sprouts, and some sautéed kale.  my cheese obsession never really went anywhere! been going strong all pregnancy.   i also got a few scoops of some unpictured chocolate covered salted caramels from the bulk section for our trip home.  i shared. a little.20161029_184335-01Papa Gwuat! thank you for chauffeuring us around all day, de-stressing me to the best of your abilities, and for being so patient.  20161029_202546-01it's a wrap, 35 weeks! i could not wait to whip those lashes off and just get in my bed (after a soak in the tub of course)!  thankful this day is finally behind us; i don't even want to think about holiday photos right now though!! maternity pics coming soooon :)

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !