my 1st AKA Boule - Houston 2018

 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated's Boule, our bicentennial convention and largest gathering, returned to the city of Houston last week after FOURTY years!


 i couldn't miss this opportunity to attend and participate; grateful to have been there and apart of history.


before i headed downtown to partake in the Boule festivities, Sonny and i taught our Phix The Community group fitness class for our neighborhood!  if you haven't heard about Fit Phix (our 4th baby) yet, click here for a snippet of what we offer.  so much more coming!


if you're local, you might have seen a lil' pink and green, well, everywhere, around the city of Houston last week yourself!  many landmarks around town including both major airports emitted our sorority colors welcoming almost 20k Sorors from around the globe.   basically the George R. Brown convention center was LIT!!! (that was my first and last time using that word btw)


gorgeous. #htowntx 


we (my girl Peaches & i) made it!  all registered and about to head upstairs to Vendor Land. *clutches pearls and wallet*


before we even got inside, i ran into someone i was hoping i'd run into!  my high school friend/teammate and now Houston city council woman, Amanda Edwards, is also my Soror! inspired by her on so many levels.  i stepped off the elevator and mentioned to Peaches about how Amanda might be around the convention center somewhere and no less than 10 seconds later on the skybridge, boom.  crazy, right!


we couldn't help but to get choked up walking through this historical section and memorial for our founders.


beautifully done. 


south central region stand up!


we made our rounds and even snagged a quick selfie with Soror Vanessa Bell Calloway!  Sorors were swarming around her once they realized who she was. 


ran into some Pretty Girls from Epsilon Lambda! #GoCoogs


almost got this for Hubs! j/k...even though he'd wear it proudly :)


i had never met this Soror in person before this day!  she follows me on IG and signed up for the Fit Foodie Le 5K & Kids 1K Fun Run!!! cannot wait to see her cross that finish line.

I attended and helped out with a few of the Healthy Start events!  y'all know me, best way to start the day IMO.  Boule days are filled with tons of plenary sessions, workshops, luncheons, meetings, networking and social events, so Sorors needed all the energy they could get.

the Afrocari class taught by Uchenna was SO FUN!  what a great cardio workout!  


listening to discussions at a political forum with my Sis-in-law, Kara.


#sisterssquared is our picture hashtag, haha.


we are as tall as we look :) 5'10" & 5'11" and we LOVE our heels and our AKA!


also met up with my Link, Amanda for hugs and pics!


my borrowed closing gala gown!  my girl Ogechi hooked me up; it was THE perfect color. i couldn't breathe or lift my arms though. 


we made a new Guinness world record by being the largest dinner party served, wow!  18k+ ladies all in one room.  what a GORGEOUS sea of pink and green.


immediately after dinner, we said farewell to our amazing 29th supreme basilus, Dorothy Buckanan Wilson, and welcomed our new International President above, Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover!


that's a wrap!  skeee weeeeee!!!

thanks for reading,

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