new running partner! + 5 days to go

happy mondaaaaaaay


don't even get up. He's got it.

such a screenshot worthy reminder, right?  past failures sometimes haunt me.  fear of failure sometimes paralyzes me.  but if you ain't failin' you ain't tryin', guys.  you cannot be afraid to put some action behind your prayers and move your feet.  it can be downright SCARY. the fear of the unknown can ruin us! but if you know your dream or vision is God-led you have got to GO FOR IT. are you going to stand on the side-lines forever??? sometimes getting FED UP with yourself and your excuses is what finally propels you forward.  don't wait for anybody else to tell you to go for it either.  most times we know exactly what we need to be doing..... but we talk ourselves out of it or we let our feelings rule or actions, take a nap, get distracted, and get absolutely nothing done.   stay focused and do. the. work. 


well! someone ran their very first 5k yesterday!!! #wut Chiso (7) asks me almost every time i leave to go run on sundays if he can come with me.  most times i just want to get it over with and i know he will slow me way, way down, so I'll go do my thing, come back for him, and we'll run a short distance together.  this time, we attacked the whole thang and i am so proud of him for finishing in 39 minutes! i used the Nike Running Club app (add us on there: Leah Egwuatu) and he was so inspired every time he heard the narrator say how far we had gone and how much further we had left.  if you didn't see my IG stories/highlight videos please go watch them for a good laugh or two!  i also made a post; i had to. #ProudMama


he downed a whole bottle of water along the way; i was so inspired!  y'all know water and i are still on our struggle journey.  the temps have been in the triple digits for the past few days in Houston, so chug-a-lug, guys.  Chiso now wants to run the 5k with the adults on Saturday, haha. he outgrows every shoe we buy him in less than a month seems like, so he had to run in his basketball shoes cause his last pair of running shoes are #done.  i told him they might hurt his feet, but he wanted to run sooooo bad i couldn't bring myself to burst his lil' bubble.  we're gonna get both him and Dego (4) some running shoes just in time for race day this weekend, don't worry.


this was our super simple post-church dinner.  so yummy and flavorful thanks to my beloved coconut aminos. eeeeeverytime i post about this stuff on IG i get tons of DMs with questions about it.  lemme break it down!  it's coconut nectar brewed down into a healthy, tasty, low calorie, low sugar, slightly sweet soy sauce alternative. 

i marinated the chicken in the aminos and the shredded brussels sprouts as well.

it's almost time, guys!!!!! the 2nd annual Fit Foodie Le 5K & Kid's 1K Fun Run is FIVE days away!


i cannot WAIT to bless Kids' Meals, Inc. so that they can do what they do and keep Houston's hungry pre-school aged children healthy, full of energy, and thriving. 


we have some pretty cool peeps joining and/or sponsoring us this year! get ready for fruit giveaways, healthy food samples and snacks. goodie bags, face painting, a bounce house for the kiddies, music, and a really, really good time!

Benefitting: Kids' Meals, Inc.


Sprouts Farmers Market

Soul Fit Grill

Power Crunch

Fit Phix

Synergy Total Holistic Health & Wellness

Bee Fit Foods

i9 Sports

Active Faith Sports



Spectrum Electronics

F45 Training Cinco Ranch West & Kelliwood 

Milk N Honey Nutrition

Fort Bend Discovery Zone

Ekco Group, LLC

The Sports & Wellness Doc

Adventure Kids

Salata Sugar Land

Piada Sugar Land

register HERE and don't forget to use FFL10 for 10 bucks off registration!  my heart flutters every single time i receive a confirmation email that someone has signed up. never, ever gets old!!! see you guys out there!

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