Thursday Threads! H&M Neon Orange Sports Tank


H&M has quickly become a new fave of mine for fitness gear!    Processed with VSCOjust like their 'grown up' clothes, i've found several workout items that are unique, great quality, and crazy affordable.  this neon orange tank is one of them! isn't that twist in back the cutest?Facetune-20160318993842181i love how open the tank is!  racerback is my thang, and i appreciate that ventilation while i'm running.Processed with VSCONike pro shorts are never going out of style. the end.Processed with VSCOooooh, just playin' with my bird's nest and pondering my next protective style. Facetune-20160318-619116104don't eeeeeven act like you didn't do this when you were a kid! my brother and i scuffed up all the hallways at my parents house. speaking of scuffs, i have put my Nike flyknits through the RINGER. yall don't hear me! i have washed them so many times because i wear them pretty much daily. i love them and own way too many pairs of Free Runs.  i've included a link to the updated version of my shoes below; i need them!Processed with VSCOlunging into the weekend!

{tank|H&M} {compression shorts|Nike} {sneaks|Nike} (headband|Lululemon} {HR watch|PolarUSA}

everything i'm sporting can be found directly below. happy fri-YAY, fit friends!



Thursday Threads


today's weather was as poppin' as my pants!  


 this is only my umpteenth pair of Lululemon crops. can't get enough.  i wore black on black on black workout clothes for the longest.  now, i live for COLOR!  . PSX_20160225_160303so about this top... it's under 6 bucks!

it was just too gorgeous to stay indoors in Houston today.

PSX_20160225_160546i struggle soooo hard to give the camera sexy/serious,


so i get nervous and laugh.  smiling just comes natural and requires waaaay less effort!

shades: Ray-Ban

top: H & M (6 bucks)

crops: Lululemon (on sale!)

sneaks: Nike (fave shoes...EVER) 

HR watch: Polar


i hope you're ready for tomorrow's #FastFoodFridayFix recipe!  it's a pretty popular dish you'll definitely want to make and share with your fit friends.  here are a few more you might have missed:




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Sassy Shorts Sunday


tell'em, Bey. admit it, you thought about her super bowl snafu after you read that quote, didn't you ;)


i can't even begin to tell you how good church was this morning.  AND we were early! i love that feeling. i want more of that feeling. Feb. is not only black history month, but it's the month of love <3 .  our pastor is currently preaching through a series titled Tying The Knot: How To Make A Marriage That Lasts and i've been soaking up all that good info week after week.  it applies to unmarried couples as well.  i urge you to give it a listen!

anywaaaay, sunday meal prep went down as usual; Sonny always requests these particular items on his meal plan so i went to HEB earlier this week and loaded up.   baked salmon, (i used Weber Kick n' Chickn on it) wild rice, grilled gigantic steak house-sized asparagus (aren't they beautiful!?), and a spinach salad with ripe avocado, mushrooms, and tomatoes. then, 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

i put on my sassy shorts for our walk to the park today.  aren't these adorbs!? i had to have them cause they were a whopping 19 bucks, yall.  IKR! there are so many patterns and colors to choose from; i listed a few below for ya.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

top: Nike Dry-FIT Contour Short-Sleeve ( this is the updated version cause mine is a couple of years old)

sassy shorts: (on sale!) 

Nike Pro Mezzo Short,

Nike Pro Three-Inch Short,

Nike Pro Dri-Fit Shorts

sneaks: Free Run 5.0

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

i've been fighting so hard to try to stay away from wearing so much black! why is it so hard :|

DSC_0028 (1)-01
DSC_0028 (1)-01

here's dessert!  i always use a little organic buttery spread (1 tbsp) + coconut oil (2 tsp) in my pan. make sure your pan is on low-medium heat; they burn cook crazy fast.       happiness is..... sitting outside on the porch with a bowl of pan-fried plantains.  here's to another great week, fit friends!



Monday's fit deets + Crunchy Kale Asian Egg Rolls VLOG


yall. i hope you enjoyed your V-Day, however you spent it! all i know is, at the end of sunday night i looked to be about 8 months preggo #fail. oh and speaking of failing, i had a major flexi rod hairstyle disappointment this past weekend too!  sheesh.  just tryin' to hold it together over here most days, ha.  i'm not giving up on natural hair, yall hear me!? anyway, i'll tell ya all about that  in my next post. for now, here was monday's fit.  soon as i spotted this scarf i put this top and bottom together in my head. perfect! photo cred goes to my 4 year old big boy, Chiso.

currently in rotation on my feet: