what's in my gym bag


happy good friday, fit friends! so, what are your gym bag must-haves?  i'd love to share some of mine with you!  before i tell you what's in it though, let me show you my actual bag:201603241032988366i have been rocking the All You Need Lululemon Duffle ($148) for over a year now and it is literally just that.Facetune-20160324-1447379213i'm a compartment whore!  this thing sometimes triples as my purse, gym bag, and diaper bag, no kidding. there are multiple secret pockets & compartments both on the outside and inside of the bag. why carry multiple bags where there's more than enough room to spare in this one?!Facetune-20160324-1449077608"dream big, run fast, sweat hard."Facetune-20160324-2144754509before i went bag shopping, i prohibited myself from getting black.  i have to do the same thing when shopping for fitness clothes!  i wanted something completely different from my norm, and a big melon bag is definitely out of my comfort zone.  no regrets! my bag is currently out of stock, but i found super similar ones here and here

my gym bag essentials:

currently in rotation on my feet: