Oven Roasted Plantains + Church Fit

2016-03-03 23.48.35-01
2016-03-03 23.48.35-01

the weather has been phenomenal aaaaaall weekend long in h-town!  today was no different. our breakfast before church: high-protein, buttermilk pancakes, dairy-free coco whip, zero-calorie pancake syrup, and fresh berries.  my almost 5-year-old still asks for pancakes almost every single morning.


{top : H&M} | {jeans : H&M} | {wedges : Forever 21} | {bag : LV}

look ma, no gym clothes! i've been trying to get jazzy on the weekends after being in workout clothes, well, any other day of the week.  when i spruce things up on the outside, it does wonders for me on the inside too.  however, my toes aren't done and haven't been in months. thanks, blur tool.  yes, i did. the wedges were too cute to crop out. lol   

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me: make me laugh

Sonny: sorry, i only know how to make you mad


hey, whatever it takes to get the job done, Instagram Husband ;) anyway, this top is the epitome of comfort. i have one in several colors cause  it always makes me feel so modelesque when i throw it on!

 {top : H&M} | {jeans : H&M} | {wedges : Forever 21} | {bag : LV}

is it spring yet?! LOVE coral anything, especially workout tops. H&M has plenty of affordable, cute fitness fashions that i'll be sharing soon too!

i've been pan-frying our plantain in coconut oil for the past few years, but i wanted to try baking or broiling them instead. so i did! Sonny says i tried this a while back but it really must have been that long ago cause i do not remember attempting this.  here goes nothin'!

2016-03-06 03.38.13-01
2016-03-06 03.38.13-01
2016-03-06 03.43.58-01
2016-03-06 03.43.58-01

perfect! when i bring them home from the store and they aren't ready yet, i put them inside a brown paper bag and in solitary confinement under my kitchen sink so they can ripen quicker.   browns spots are a very good thing. i sliced them diagonally and threw them into a mixing bowl along with:

  • few dash of cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp melted coconut 
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar (can use coconut sugar) 
  • dash of sea salt
2016-03-06 03.46.37-01
2016-03-06 03.46.37-01
2016-03-06 04.28.06-01
2016-03-06 04.28.06-01
2016-03-06 05.12.37-01-1
2016-03-06 05.12.37-01-1
2016-03-06 05.16.11-01
2016-03-06 05.16.11-01
2016-03-06 05.17.10-01
2016-03-06 05.17.10-01

and mixed them all around.  then, i coated my pan with foil and coconut cooking oil spray, then placed them evenly across the pan.400 degrees.  12 minutes on one side.  12 minutes on the other. done.  Sonny agrees that they still have the same texture as they do when they are deep-fried. i likes that.my food though!!! OMG, y'all, this was crazy good!  i threw it in a bowl with some already baked chicken breast chunks, avocado chunks, refried organic black beans, and some sautéed turnip greens.  a little bit of everything on your fork at once... heaven.  sweet, salty, spicy. (that's sriracha on the chicken but you already knew that)just know i took my sweet, sweet time with this bowl of goodness. these are kind of a big deal! snack smart this week; i tried my best not to go overboard on these bad boys today. yum.

  "Make it Last by Making it First" was Pastor Mike's message this morning.  i always appreciate this reminder!  cause marriage is hard. making it last is even harder....  but completely, 100% worth the fight and the effort.  with kids in the mix, you've really gotta be serious and focused about getting in some alone time together often, and try your absolutely hardest not flake on each other.  spend not just kid-free time together, but TECHNOLOGY-FREE time at that.  it's true, you really can have a crazy awesome time with your spouse and the WWW not know about it. as a new-found snap chat addict (add me, fitfoodiele) i stand by that statement 100% ;) 

new week, fit friends, let's goooooo!


compound movements + let's RUN!!!

how it went down eeeeearly this morning...


i double (tea) bagged it (+ water, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and stevia). i had to.  didn't get much sleep cause i've been grinding on these cook books and they WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!!! :twisted:  i'm not yelling at you. i'm yelling at the cook books.  a little sleep deprived but the sacrifice will be worth it. it better beeeeee :lol:

let's talk about something i incorporate into pretty much all my classes at the gym:


can't get enough of compound movements and there are TONS of them. what are they?

'multi-joint movements that rely on the coordinated actions of several muscle groups to move two or more joints through a range of motion'

the featured move of this post (up ^ there) combines squats (which is honestly a compound movement by itself since it works multiple parts of the body) and over-head presses.

Squats + overhead press

  • start with feet shoulder width apart, weights on either side of your body.
  • perform a low squat, pushing your glutes back, weight in your heels, knees behind your toes, back flat, head up, chest up.  have a seat in that imaginary chair!
  • bear all your weight on your left heel and while driving it into the floor, lift your right knee straight up towards your chest and perform your over head press simultaneously. keep your core tight, and squeeze the glute of the heel that's on the floor. hard.
  • repeat on the right and make it a continuous, fluid movement by alternating your knees from left to right.

the heavier your dumbbells, the harder you work, and the more you burn!

 *tip: working upper and lower body together is one of the best ways to burn fat.*

IMG_20130319_091205class went well this morning, can't you tell from those disgusting sweat stains!?!?  i didn't even notice them until after i posted the pic to IG. but that's just how it goes down in my class :lol:.  if i could bottle the feeling exercise gives me....i'd sell it and retire at 30. good music gives me so much energy- i got a new cd and i know my members can tell i love it cause i keep playing it! good, loud music gives me energy through the roof!  i need all the energy i can get at 5:30am.


then i came home to these babies. NOM. i threw the recipe together, but the base of it stemmed from the banana blueberry pancakes, if you're wondering. 20130319_084356

i subbed the banana for 1 packet of stevia, then topped them with sliced almonds, raw, unsweetened, shredded coconut, and that big vat of walden farms pancake syrup back there.

WELL, i am so excited about the response concerning the Houston Color Run THIS Sunday, March 24th!  Thank you for your emails!  if you'd still like to run, you haven't missed a thing- email me @ le@fitfoodiele.com and i'll send ya the link to join team Fit Foodies.  however...my sincere apologies for not giving enough notice.  there were several people who wanted to run with Fit Foodies but the timing was just not right.  even for a 5k, training is very important, and some of the 1st timers need more of it.  i understand completely.  also, the race rates are cheapest when you register super early, and 6 days pre-race day is pushing it, i know!  so i'm super grateful, and thankful to all who have committed to running with Fit Foodies.



let's do it right this time!  remember my Conn's Green 10k post from last year??  if you'd like to get your run on with Fit Foodies for this event that is near and dear to my heart, come on then!  it's special because it starts and ends in City Centre, one of my fave Houston hangouts, and also home to the best Lifetime Fitness in the entire universe!  #ithoughtyouknew.  if you're interested, hit me up at the same email addy, and check out their site for details!


 race date is Saturday, April 27th, 2013, and as always, same rules apply: walk, run, skip- however you gotta cross that line, just FINISH!


snacks and certifications

saturday i did an all day (and i do mean aaaaalll day- 9am-6pm) re-certification class for Lifetime, you know, so i can keep my job.  only the best job EVER!!! the day went by super fast though.  the trainer was pretty amazing and super easy to listen to.  plus, she was funny. that always helps.  i went through the training with my fav gym buddies Anna & Julie- we all used to teach/workout together at 24 HF a few years ago and have stayed in contact with each other ever since.  this was my first time meeting Kris (far right), but i love him just the same! we all teach Total Conditioning (among other things) part-time for Lifetime and absolutely  LOVE IT.

refueling on our lunch break in the Lifetime Cafe.

 quick pic with our trainer for the day, Abrea.

i brought my gigantic, obnoxious lunch kit with me filled with snacks and food for the day.  (cell phone pics, blech!!!!)

i dined (lol) on humus with sugar snap peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, pistachios, strawberries, and chicken breasts cutlets w/ roasted vegetables ( entrée courtesy of My Fit Foods).

i'm also super excited to announce that i'll be getting certified in Turbo Kickboxing by the end of this month, whoop, WHOOP!  i have always been a hug fan of TKB and i'm elated to add it to my instructor repertoire.  two thumbs up for cardioooooooo.

alright, now. you asked for snack ideas between meals, so here are a few to get you started. preparation is KEY, so go get you some baggies, buy your snacks in bulk, and ration them out for the week.  i don't mind several trips to the grocery store, but some people do!

go to your nearest warehouse club and stock up.  Sam's is closest to me.

 cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas.  i'm so hooked on these peas- looks like edamame but you eat the whole thing.  they're sweet and crispy.  great eaten raw or dipped in you know what- hummus! i do carrots too.

fresh fruits- buy whatever's on sale at the time. natural sugars trump processed foods/sugars EVERY TIME!

unsweetened apple sauce. 50 calorie, naturally sweetened snack. great for baking- i'll get to that though;)

1 serving (1/2 cup) of 2% cottage cheese (90 cals) with fresh blackberries.

or strawberries!

pistachio nuts!  sam's. 8 bucks for this big ol 24 oz bag.

grab some sandwich baggies and ration out your mixed nuts. they are high in good fat and great for you- but don't go overboard. 1/4 cup of either a day fine.

0% or 2% greek yogurt

keep it plain and add your own toppings. the flavored varieties usually have way too much sugar. try it with pistachios, flax-seed, and honey,

or pecans and blueberries.

cheese! babybel and string. perfectly portioned protein. 50-60 cals each.

there are also the laughing cow cheese wedges- perfect for spreading on crackers or fruit. '35 cals a wedge!'

deli meat. you can roll some string cheese up with the turkey/chicken/ham/roast beef, etc. for a lean, protein snack.

these two ingredients are great separate...but together?  unfortunately, i don't care if they aren't considered healthy at this point LOL. this is one snack i'm keeping.

air popped popcorn! 4 cups for 100 cals. i bought this air popper on amazon a few days ago and i am still waiting for it to arrive *taps foot impatiently*

sliced apples with PB2.

La Tortilla Factory tortillas- tons of flavors and varieties of low calorie, low carb tortillas! make a wrap using your deli meat and babybel/string cheese. (also great for breakfast tacos, enchiladas, and homemade tortilla chips).impressive, huh! but they taste good too.

you remember ants on a log- celery, pb2, and raisins!  also take one of those wraps, add some pb2, then microwave for a warm,  healthy 'pb sandwich'.

whole, hard-boiled egg. 70 cals, 7 grams protein.  exclude the yolk for a fat-free, 20 calorie egg.

freeze-dried fruit, all kinds! i order mine from Brothers All Natural for around 20 bucks for a 24 pack.  they have sales frequently, so use those coupon codes when you see them!  i really like the bananas though and so does my little one.  1 bag = 1.5 bananas.  the sugar is lower in the freeze-dried bananas vs. fresh!

a few readers expressed to me how much they hate the taste of green tea lol, and if i had any flavor recommendations i sure do! try making a quick and easy green chai tea using:

a shot of torani sugar-free vanilla syrup and 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

steep the tea as normal, and add those two ingredients, and stir!  if you like it as much as i do, LET ME KNOW! and sorry, i don't have a cool cinnamon stick or garnish, yet.

i do hope you found a few snacks you'd like to try or are already eating!


copy cat kale

i keep telling myself that all my posts don't have to be super long and drawn out every single time.  so, here's a little practice. hope you guys are having a wonderful hump day and week so far.

i enjoy looking up the recipes to some of my fav dishes.  1) to see just what goes into it and how many calories i'm taking in, and 2) to see if i can duplicate it and make it lighter/leaner.  1 bunch of kale is just 92 cents at the store right now- and people say healthy food isn't cheap!  hello! this bunch of kale lasts me about 3 days..  makes for a really huge bowl of salad.

this particular kale salad is like 4.99 a lb. at central market. i'd rather pay 92 cents. plus, they pretty much drown the kale in the dressing! way too much.

Orange Sesame Kale Salad

the stuff:

  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp LIquid Aminos or low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp toasted almonds
  • 1/4 cup roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • 1/4 cup cranberries
  • crystalized ginger (optional)

do this:

wash your kale.just like any other fruit/veggie you bring home. wash it good.

then, tear it up.  i actually included some of the stems cause i like the taste and crunch.  it's not bitter like most stems either. dry the leaves as best you can- i don't have a salad spinner so i just blotted them with paper towels.

whisk the liquids together,

then set it aside.

chop up the crystalized ginger into small pieces. i like ginger, but i don't like biting into a huge chunk of it!  reminds of when i was preggo and trying to tame my nausea, ugh.  anyway, throw everything on top of the kale.

finally, add the dressing and toss.

HEB's recipe called for 2 tbsp of sugar, but i didn't use any. the orange juice provided enough sweetness.  kale is heartier and more filling than lettuce. have some.

*update*: you can throw the contents of this entire bowl in a heated wok and cook it for 3-5 minutes for even MORE flavor!!! try it both ways.

aaand we're done here. enjoy.