meet me at the bar

so about those FITzee bars i was telling you about- well, we love'em.  ESPECIALLY my little guy!  the older he gets, the pickier his appetite becomes.  so, i'm glad he is quite fond of them *wipes forehead*


they make for a healthy, kid friendly, toddler-tested-fitmom-approved snack.  this is the Apples 'n Oats bar (whey protein + gluten-free oats + dried apples and cinnamon), but there are 9 flavors to choose from.


so, i talk about the 80/20 rule (80% clean diet / 20% whatever i desire in moderation calculated into my macros) a lot and how i prefer to eat real, low - no processed food over bars or shakes.  however, when i do chow down on a bar (and i do), it needs to meet certain standards for me and these do! FITzee bars are:

*all natural

*portable for on-the-go


* no mess

* ideal carb:protein:fat ratio

*easy to digest and eliminates hunger

*lactose, wheat, & gluten-free

*naturally sweetened

 *low sodium

  the result? one amazing energy bar designed to replicate a balanced meal that is suitable for every person and any lifestyle!


they are sweet, chewy and i adore the little chunks of apple and oats in there.  see the nutritional contents for each bar on the FITzee Foods menu here.

the latest FITzee Foods meal i'm feelin' is the read beans and rice with chicken andouille.


i added some fresh green onion and shredded cheddar almond cheese on top before i mixed it all together.  comfort food at it's finest!  i told you, they have it all.

[wpvideo PfvpPdPz]

in deep thought at the squat bar during this morning's early workout, as always!  i do hope your Thursday was a PRODUCTIVE one.  if you don't do it, it won't get done.