Susan G. Komen Pink & Treat 5k #boohoo



waaaaaaaaaah! i was looking SO forward to running in the Komen Pink and Treat 5k this past weekend but the rain and flooding in and around the houston area saturday morning said, 'HA. no.'  safety first, i know.


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.56.47 PM


we made eeeeet! because of the selfless donations from my friends and family, we were able to reach our fundraising goal of 150.00 in just a few days!!! i am honored to be able to gift another woman with a mammogram so that she can stay abreast of what's going on in her body, pun intended!  i could not have done this without the help of these wonderful people:

Christina Lyons


Carlena Harris

Michelle Atanu

Nathan Atanu

Ijeoma Ikechi

thank you, thank you, thank you.


i was so ready, yall!!  had all my stuff out the night before like i usually do before a race.  Sonny found my Polar watch a few days ago (YAY) in a corner of our bedroom that Dego likes to play in. can't believe we didn't look over there sooner. it had been missing for like 2 months.


16 month update: *waving* hellooooo separation anxiety! actually i'm waving goodbye cause it seems to be on its way out these days. hopefully.  he knows when i leave a room, enter a room, come home, etc, etc, and let's whomever is watch him know mommy is in the building. temper tantrums are beginning to come on out, and teething is on/off which makes him extremely clingy. when i take something from his little hand he isn't supposed to have, he drops to the floor and screams his little face off for a few minutes! hmph. Chiso prepped me real good for that though, so i've been expecting it.  we have awesome days, and we have those tough, draining, restless days but hey, it's all apart of this motherhood deal!

 '(24/7). once you sign on to be a mother, that's the only shift they offer.'

                                             -Jody Picoult

 when i look over at him sleeping innocently in the most adorable pose in the heart immediately turns to complete mush. bananas. mashed potatoes. green peas. applesauce. mush. my spirit is renewed, my heart is softened, and my attitude is adjusted. thank God for His grace and new mercies every single day.


i had to cancel my postpartum clients, my preggo fitness class, and i couldn't even go do my own thing and run out side. rain, rain, RAIN. everywhere. sooo i did something i haven't done on saturday morning in years.  i got right back in the bed with my boys and we all slept till noon!  we were extra hoongry when we woke up though so i made pancakes.


i carmelized some bananas on my griddle and served them with Carey's sugar-free syrup, So Delicious #dairyfree Coco Whip, and some roasted, unsalted walnuts.

on halloween night, we headed over to my sis-in-laws to let the kids play, hang out, and eat a ton of pizza! i waited so last-minute to make a dish so i needed something crazy quick. this was the first easy, pinterest recipe i could find- 'dirt cake' w/ worms!  this recipe is older than dirt but it was fun and just what i needed.


i combined an Immaculate Baking Company Scratch Chocolate Cake + 1 can of pure pumpkin and baked it as normal.  cooking times vary so keep an eye on your cake(s)!  using the pumpkin instead of the oil and eggs cuts down on the fat & calories, and adds a ton of fiber and moisture.  also, you can totally use brownies instead! let it cool then crumble it all up. that part was so fun!


portion out some single serving cups and spoon a heaping serving of cake crumbles in the bottom.  use your creativity here! some people add chocolate pudding, cream cheese, cool whip, etc... i melted some semi-sweet chocolate and mixed it with lite cool whip.  i spooned some over the cake and added mini chocolate chips and a sour gummy worm.


i topped that with more cake crumbles and another gummy worm. that's it! so many options to play with here though!  PhotoGrid_1446342624068-1hope you had a fun, safe, halloween, fit friends!

Q: WHAT were you for halloween this year!?


wedding anni numba 8! #maui #greateight


we had an absolute BLAST celebrating our 8th wedding anni in Maui last month.  i took way too many pics. like a ridiculous amount.  if you make it to the end.... thank you in advance for your time, haha.


 when you have to be at the airport at 5am, you don't even bother going to sleep.  my girlfriend had just finished installing my faux locs like 3 hours earlier (18 hour job if you're interested!) and my head was sooooooo tender. but i loved them and Sonny did too.  he better had! he requested them :) 'happy wife, happy life.' is cute... but i rock with 'happy hubby, happy her.'


i didn't find out where we were going until we got to our gate (still didn't know in this pic!) but i knew i would not be disappointed.


my Modern Oats package hit our mailbox juuuust in time.  i took the very last container from the 8 count variety pack they so graciously sent me and ate it for breakfast on the plane.


soon as Sonny sees this i'm going to get a text. nah, prolly a call.  get your laugh in while it's still up, tee hee


snackin' on the plane!  eating the freeze-dried raspberries i got from Trader Joes before we left.  Sonny missed out cause i ate them all.


that's a really, really big hole. diamond mine, i guess. i have no idea where we were at that moment and didn't ask.


back to my snacks. since you have to purchase EVERYTHING on a plane these days i pretty much brought us our own personal mini bar.  i had seen these in Sprouts Farmers Market for months before deciding to purchase them.  maui made me do it.


my goodness, they are DELICIOUS and seriously addicting.  especially this flavor!


layover in phoenix.  we spotted a Le Madeline while heading to our next gate and got some more grub. it was still breakfast time so we got omelettes.


finally!!!!! long flights are just not my thing.  6 hours from phoenix to maui and i almost lost it. how will i ever go to Nigeria one day? no idea. i kinda don't want to sleep for 3 days straight before we have to go though. sigh. anyway, we made eeeet!

20150914_153751-01 (1)

loaded up Red Vevet and you already know what was next....


the rental car peeps suggested we try Da Kitchen so we went straight there. sure, we were hoongry, but they were spot on with that recommendation.


i started with a green salad,


and followed that up with some salmon (duh) and Sonny requested the biggest dish they had!! soooo that's exactly what our waitress brought him.


yep, that's spam. i have never eaten spam in a restaurant. ever. whatever you think is in that bowl, it is.  eggs, brown rice, colby jack cheese, spam, ground beef, onions, gravy, and green onion. it was actually REALLY good, just way too heavy for me.


 look them up on IG and you'll find our pic in the hashtag cloud. #DaKitchen


on to the hotel. we were extremely pleased with our Westin Ka'anapali premium villa. check out the periscope tour we did! straight to sleep that night though, zzzzzzzzzzzz.


the next morning was the BIG day! and yep, it started with prayer and a workout.  it's automatic and it wasn't forced at all either... we enjoy starting our day this way. i pretty much ran for fun and did a weight circuit with Sonny and called it a day. that's pretty much what our workouts looked like our entire time there actually! we worked out 4 outta the 5 days there.


post-workout brekky!  i eat this way cause i love it. i enjoyed myself and indulged but i would be eating these particular items regardless. everyone we asked suggested Mama's Fish House for our anni dinner but you have to make reservations like 2 weeks in advance.  sooo that was out. we asked for the next best thing which was Merriman's.

Screenshot_2015-09-15-11-38-59 (1)

we spoke to Chiso on Skype during breakfast! gosh i missed my boys so much. he was actually at the hospital at that very moment because my sis in law, Kara, had just delivered her baby girl!!!! we spoke to the proud parents too and even got a glimpse of baby Natalie!  we now gladly share September 15th with our niece, Natalie Chizara Egwuatu <3


it rained on our very first day out and about, buuuut it cleared up after breakfast thankfully. we took some pics and then a lil' drive through the mountains in the 'stang. 20150915_124225-01

the winding roads, the mountains, the water, the scenery...gaaaah it was incredible and kinda hard to take all in at once.  i saw a sign that said 'scenic look out 1000 ft' so i told Sonny to pull over.


we hopped out and basically made a post card. look at that!


8 years. you ever look back on your life like, 'THANK YOU GOD for not making it work with any of my ex's.'!? He knew best.


every city/country we travel to... this is on my agenda. deal with it, Sonny. 20150915_134822-01

i just wanted some snacks!  look, i did a two week sugar fast to get beach ready so i was about to enjoy me some chocolate. i found the bulk aisle and made myself at home.

20150915_140937-01 salted carmel chews and chocolate covered pretzel balls. worth the tummy ache.


then we found a Walmart and bought some souvenirs for our family and a breast pump! i actually packed my dual electric Medela pump but naturally something went wrong with my tubing and it totally wasn't working. bum. mer. back to z hotel!


'ooo, wait, this is the selfie cam.'


it was still cloudy when we got back but we couldn't wait any longer!  we went out to the beach anyway to explore and take in the views.


and have a mini photoshoot.


well we definitely weren't in galveston anymore!


enjoying this life.


we went back to the room to get ready to go to our anni dinner. i found this dress at H&M for 30 bucks! 2 weeks prior to that day it would not zip all the way up.  nixing refined sugars from my diet... that'll do it.


i see ya with the fancy lighting, Red Velvet.

20150915_203816-01 (1)

we had an awesome, intimate dinner at Merriman's! we arrived after dark so we couldn't see the magnificent view they are known for, but i couldn't have cared any less! i was so happy to just be there with Sonny at that very moment.  before we tore up that food, we took a pic for #8. to God be all the glory.


it was super dim in the restaurant so excuse my flash and these horrid angles, yall. i had half lobster enchiladas with asparagus and fillet mignon with garlic potatoes.  the portion sizes weren't outrageous, so i had plenty of room left for dessert.


Sonny had fillet mingon as well with swordfish and seasoned veggies. it was just right!  we were satisfied, not stuffed. i was so ready to go IN though, hahaha.


then Sonny had a big ol' cup of coffee cause he was STRUGGLIN' to stay awake!!! it was only 8 there but 1am in Houston.


dessert was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream paired with this chocolate-filled 'purse'. we broke through the dough with our spoons and it oozed right onto the plate. yummerz.


meanwhile... i was constantly wondering what my babies were up to! my mom sent me this pic of Dego getting a good ol' fashion kitchen sink bath. so bittersweet cause i couldn't reach out and kiss his little face.


same plate, different day!

the weather was picture perfect that day.


so i put on my two piece (H&M, 10 bucks) and hit the beach solo cause somebody needed a nap after breakfast. immediately before i left,


knock, knock!  what an unexpected, pleasant surprise. a day late, BUT they spelled our name correctly and brought us dessert so it was all good! i ate a couple and went on my way.




soaking it all in.

i was bummed we couldn't get into Mama's Fish House for our anni dinner, but we DID snag a lunch reservation, yay! we headed there to see what all the buzz was about.



this was a very, very good sign in my book.






strawberry lemonade!


bread, butter, and a complimentary sip of cream of mushroom soup.


a real, fresh lei! nice touch.


tank tops weren't allowed, so our waitress brought Sonny and made him put his guns up. 20150916_164424

i feasted on the Opa,


and this.... this was THE best coconut rice i've ever tasted. i saw it on the menu and added it to my meal cause i had to have it!

20150916_164409-01 (1)

Sonny got the stuffed Mahi Mahi. clearly there is a reason this restaurant is ranked #2 in the NATION!!!! everything was scrumptious. everything.


Hana Banana Macadamia Nut Crisp topped with the cutest little sea turtle cookie. lick-the-bowl DELISH.


so we had a delima...we ran outta ice cream with a bit of macadamia nut crisp left to go.   our waitress solved that problem and gave us another scoop on the house. that's going the extra mile right there. she was incredibly sweet and took fantastic care of us from beginning to end.


the restaurant faces the shore and the windows were all wide open to the ocean air.


what an experience. 20150916_180316-01 stuffed and off-balance. cheese!

the very next morning, we set out to do some sight-seeing and hiking.


but first,


we hit up the 'Bucks for some caffeine before we rode out, map in tow.


the winding roads seemed to just go on and on and on...  it was fun being completely submerged in nature.


checking out the Nakalele Blowhole.

the sign says: 'Warning. Stay clear of blowhole.  You can be sucked in and killed.  It's not a waterpark.'  although the sign did make me a bit nervous, i wanted to get way closer naturally. but Mr. Egwuatu said no.


as good as it got.  i later googled to see other tourist photos of this spot and found this one:


we could have gotten a lil closer, Sonny, dang.

anyhoo, on to hiking!  i was really looking forward to a good, long hike. we drove back to the Kapalau Hiking Trails and hopped out.


buuut Sonny's achilles tendons had other plans. they've been giving him trouble for months now and that day was no different. we hiked for about 15 min before we called it quits :(


we still had time before the breakfast buffet ended so we sped back to the hotel.


i saw this class going on while we were at breakfast the day before so after we ate i went to change into my 'kini and jumped right in.

20150917_121146-1 next up, snorkeling! first timers, here.  we had NO idea there were so many fish at our feet and that they were that close to the shore. crazy! even after 15+ years of knowing this guy, there are still so many firsts to experience together. 


the next day we literally CHILLED and lounged around. we also did some really boring stuff like driving to the Sprint store to check on Sonny's phone's memory card slot. i totally dropped his phone when i hopped out of the pool earlier that week and was hoping i didn't jack it up too bad and lose all our pictures. whew. 20150917_202730-01

we came back to our room and ordered in!  Sonny got this banh mi sandwich,


and i ordered a gluten-free hawaiian pizza. we wanted to see Straight Outta Compton that night but didn't want to fall asleep in the movie theater.


last day :( ! we woke up and got all our stuff together and headed to check out of our hotel. no breakfast buffet that day; we headed to a recommendation from one of the valet guys minutes away: Slappy Cakes!  if Food Network says they're the bomb, i had to go see for myself.

20150918_112304our patiently-waiting-to-be-seated usie.


basically, you make your own pancakes right at your table!!! i do this at home for the boys, so this was right up my alley. what a fun concept!




20150918_115042-01-1 (1)

spot on, Food Network.  i confidently claim Slappy Cakes as having THE best gluten-free pancakes i have ever eaten. EVA.


aaaand an extra stack for the road didn't hurt. finished'em before we got to the airport though.


we said our goodbyes to Red Velvet and took the shuttle to the airport. this was it! finally homeward bound.

20150918_173149-01 maui to honolulu, honolulu to phoenix, then phoenix to houston.  20150918_192608-01 somewhere along the way we devoured this together.


back home to our babies!!!! our families held it down and took excellent care of our boys while we were gone and we are so grateful for their support and willingness to help. back to life, back to reality....which is pretty darn good.


Q: where should we go next year? i ask cause it'll be my turn to plan ;)


light, fluffy, healthy Sweet Potato Oat Bran Pancakes + Headband Giveaway!


       halfway to friday, guys!!!  Chiso (the 4 yr old) requested pancakes for dinner last night, so i added some roasted sweet potato into my usual recipe and BAM. these were so tasty we devoured another stack his morning for breakfast!  you do need a high powered blender for this recipe for optimal cake fluffiness, fyi. 11403083_10102555765702216_6265772524055854844_n

Sweet Potato Oat Bran Pancakes

the stuff:

  • 3/4 cup dry oat bran
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla cashew milk
  • 2 egg whites (from real eggs, not the carton)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2 cup roasted, soft sweet potato
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 packets granulated stevia (optional)
  • dash sea salt

do this: 

  1. set griddle to high and coat with no stick cooking spray
  2. add egg whites into high powered blender and 'whip' them for about 30-45 seconds until super fluffy (we received a Ninja Blender from our dear friend Diamond this past Christmas and i have been using it every single week since then!)
  3. 20150630_200537-01-1
  4. add in everything else!
  5. blend oh high speed for at least 1 minute until super smooth
  6. let batter sit for approx. 5 minutes. oat bran is suuuuper absorbent and will need a few moments to do its thing
  7. spoon batter onto griddle (make as many cakes as you'd like; the size is your call)
  8. when you see bubbles start to form on the top of the cake (approx. 3 min), flip!  (ensure the color is golden brown and not pale)
  9. cook an additional 2-3 min on this side
  10. top with pecans and powdered sugar and your fave sugar-free syrup! we use Walden Farms.
nutritional facts for the entire stack: 363 cals, 11g fat, 71g carbs, 21g protein, 10g sugar


neeeext, i get asked about my wide headband often and i finally answered with deets on IG recently. it's a @firstlinebrands Dri Sweat Edge and boy do i wear it often. it absorbs all my awesomeness (sweat) and keeps everything beneath it nice and dry (dem edges).


they now have more color options on their website if you're cool enough to color coordinate your gym gear like that.

20150204_223116_1-1so, who NEEDS one!? i'm giving away a free Dri Sweat Flex (see pic above) to someone that needs help preserving their hairdo  while they get their sweat on!

how do you get in on this?


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no cardio hater over here!  some of my fave forms include spinning & kickboxing.


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YOU are a work in progress! Sunday Soror Shenanigans


hey, wassup, HELLO!  both my boy's birthday's have passed and my BFF is now happily, i'm officially back. life happened for the past 2 months and i'm not apologizing for it or anything, but i did kinda up and leave this space without saying a word, i know #noshedidnt #ya #shetotallydid. however, i hope you've been following me on Insta cause i'm definitely still active there, aaaaand i recently joined the awesomeness that is Periscope (fitfoodiele)!!! it was a bit scary at first (still is) as there is no editing, no filters, no nothing... just you and your camera, broadcasting live from your mobile device.  sometimes i have a plan...sometimes i do not... so luckily there is a delete option, haha.  anyway, i'm just having fun with it. i know i'm all about fitness and food 200% of the time, but there is so much more to LIFE and fit foodie le. some stuff i'd love to share, some stuff i'll gladly keep private.  i know people use social media for different things, but i have grown to stop taking it SO DANG SERIOUS!!!!! and let's not even start with the comparison crap (bodies, material things, status, etc) i mean really.  say this with me with conviction: 'God has big plans for ME and i am on HIS timeline.'


got it? believe it.


you know when you KNOW you need to go do something but keep avoiding it and making excuses every. single. chance. you get? for me, that thing was sprints. i have not run full speed in i don't know how long but i KNEW that's what would get my butt back into gear and rev up my workout motivation big time!  and well, they DID.  i've been eating clean as often as possible and sticking to my 6 Pack USA plan for the most part--->but<--- i have been walking a fine line (and going overboard more often than not) when there is an abundance of a particular food around (shrimp fried rice, cake, pizza......).  and um these past 2 months i've had plenty of all 3 with all these parties!  that's nothing new with me though. so, to keep things 'under control' and still enjoy those foods in moderation, i have to go out in the street or on the track and get uncomfy every now and then.  the trade off is always worth. i cooked up 400 cals in 30 min before heading to teach my Preggo Patties this past saturday morning!  a post on that is coming up soon:). here's the bad news-- because i hadn't ran so fast in so long, that all over itchy sensation tore my legs UP.  yep, it really is a 'thing' and there is a scientific explanation for it. ugh. i can't stand it though! has it ever happened to you?  only way to cure it though is to KEEP RUNNING, and keep working out. consistency, consistency, consistency.


my body responded immediately, so sunday morning i woke up (late) feeling SO good!  i got to put on this gorgeous H&M dress (that was the perfect shade of pink) and meet up with my Sorors for brunch. we are turning two on June 30th! skee wee!  we dined at North Italia and you know i have the pics to prove it.


we started with yogurt, granola, and berries for the table,


then, BRUCHETTA BABY!!!!!, (check out their menu for details)


and i got the egg white veggie scramble with fresh grated parmesan on the side (yes i had just eaten eggs at home for breakfast lol), smashed fingerling potatoes, and grilled sourdough bread.


we ordered french toast for Chiso and gaaaaaaah, it was as incredible as it looks.  


the 'food makes me happy!' dance! the fruit was a no-go for him though. twinsies <3


happy early anni to us!


 - pretty girls -


- AKAtch 22 -

i have a First Line Brands Dri Sweat Flex headband to give away in my next post, so get ready!

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Q: what food comes to mind when you hear the word BRUNCH? 


33 candles


this past tuesday, april 7th,  started out how it normally does for me- up at the crack of dark, coffee, then gym to teach my Lifetime HIIT class.  only this time, it was my burfdaaaaaay! thanks for the pic, Sonny, LOL #skillz

i expressed to a few girlfriends how i wanted a makeover for my birthday this year (since most of my time is spent looking like the complete opposite).  my plan was to head to see my beautician and get this hair blown out after class, but idk, i just didn't feel up to sitting up under a dryer after that workout!  even wanted to go get my makeup done at Mac or something but nope, i changed my mind. why do i make getting 'beautified' such a hassle!? #storyofmylife  plus i was gonna be up in the gym the next day so.... i talked myself outta that one (again) and saved a few dollars. the braids are coming back VERY soon. time to convert this afro bun into a braid bun, haha.  anyway. the simplest of things bring me the most joy at this point in my life.  i'm not big on parties (for the kids, ya, for me, not at all) so spending time with my fam and eating good is the best thing ever in my book.  p.s. material gifts are added blessings that i always welcome with open arms though *cough* #fitgifts *cough* :) :) :)

i got back from class and Sonny told me to get dressed so i was like



some of the best eateries are right in our own back yard! Sonny does his research and finds great places for us to try, like this one: Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Company


this jewel is tucked away in the heart of Sugar Land Town Square and was as perfect as the weather that day.


just testing out and playing around with Sonny's new phone while we waited for our food!  He recently upgraded to the Samsung Note 4 and i am head over heels for the camera on this thing.  i need these megapixels and i am anxiously awaiting to upgrade to the S6 myself.  it was actually released today, woo hoo!  the pictures are incredible and make my S4 pics look like an 8 bit nintendo game. ok i'm exaggerating but the differences are crystal clear to me. #punintended

[wpvideo 4oLbHHuF]


we started out with sweet potato waffle fries for our appetizer (Chiso even ate a few!)

and i enjoyed every bite of the Hail To The Kale Salad. fresh kale, strawberries, goat cheese, roasted sliced almonds, in a sesame vinaigrette.  YUM.


Sonny: can you order something you normally wouldn't make and eat at home this time?

me: ok, got it.


i got the La Grange omelette: red pepper, mushrooms, chicken breast, and spinach which came with a gorgeous Belgian waffle topped with everythang you see up there!  Dego agrees it was pretty magical.

Sonny ordered a dish affectionately named: The Fat Bastard. salty bacon, poached eggs, and fluffy waffles!

food is art. and i'm loving close up shots these days.


i love quirky, fun, unique stuff like this!  they might not be the first to do it, but it's the first i've seen a restaurant use a classic paperback for the receipt/credit card/pen holder! love it.

if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. grateful to GOD for these knuckleheads and turning another year older. i was one full, happy mama.

'i don't want my children to follow in my footsteps.  i want them to take the path next to me and go father than i even dreamt possible.'

next up, a mini shopping spree! don't mind if i dooooooo! the BEST purchase i made that day: 2 good bras.  loooong overdue for that.  breastfeeding makes 'the girls' fluctuate like crazy, so i held off on getting one for the longest. proper support is important!  it can make or break an outfit IMO.

then we dropped the boys off with their granny and grandpa and headed to a scrumptious dinner at Flemings with a special surprise guest:

[wpvideo ZVYwv2JX]

my bro has been overseas for my last 2 birthdays, so i was elated to be able to celebrate with him this year.


AND this big ol' cake he bought me that i could not stop picking off of and finally got outta my house TODAY. lol.

 thank you for everything, Sonny.  marriage is not a's a verb.  it's not something you get, it's something you do. every single day.  marriage is not easy and like everything else in this life it takes an effort to thrive and succeed.  as long as God is His leader, i'm prepared to follow this man wherever he leads our family. i'm on his team and arm for life.


hellooooo, 33!

nice touch!  i received this birthday card,

and a box of chocolate truffles from Flemings! sweet.


the boys ordered gigantic steaks,


and i failed #again at picking something different and got the bbq salmon & baby bella mushrooms. :) asparagus and creamed spinach were our al la carte sides, and i started with a wedge salad w/ ranch dressing on the side.

6 Pack USA clients, look away LOL!!!! we ended dinner with a birthday song and a   BANG.

singing happy birthday
singing happy birthday

cause i still don't! #awkward but i sure did appreciate it. we all split a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream. 

thanks for reading and for the SWEET birthday messages via voice, text, Instagram, and email!