Spring has sprung


when you know, you know!  k, i didn't really know... but i knew. lol.


i had no intention of taking a home pregnancy test like i had done in the past.  my dr.'s appointment was the very next day anyway.  yeah, that went well!  i totally caved.  it had been exactly two weeks since Sonny and i attempted timed intercourse + a round of clomid, so i knew i would get a pretty accurate result and went for it (eventually). witness God's faithfulness and enjoy this moment in time with me.

i started documenting the very beginning of our 3rd pregnancy process (fertility treatments and all) via video earlier in February of this year.  since then, i've made as many typed blog entries and videos as my 1st trimester would allow.  i am excited to finally release them and share more of this journey with yall!

what did you do the very moment your pregnancy was confirmed?

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !





natural high

morning! i usually post at night after Chiso goes to bed, so this is new.

feeling good cause monday morning cardio is done, and it's high carb day :)

i was literally running for my b-fast!!  thought about making and devouring my eggs and oatmeal the entire time.

right after a 50 min run in my fat burning zone as the sun came up.

which means, i can get in and out of the gym tonight and only have to focus on weights.  i'm on other body building sites and blogs for inspiration and ideas all the time, and AM cardio/PM weights seems to work for a lot of competitors.  whatever lets me spend more time with my family @ home, i'm all for it.

some of my fav sites to visit:


Figure Girl World

The Bikini Competitor

Female Transformations (via bodybuilding.com)

GetInShapeGirl (even if outdated, still tons of info to soak up)


hope you are able to get SOME work done today :lol:. SO addicting and inspiring, huh!

looking forward to devouring all this lovely, juicy fruit today.

enjoy the rest of your POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE Monday!