Dego 2.0


you may have seen this tunic a couple of times over the years!  it's one of my faves and it has officially been deemed...the belly blouse!  or tummy tunic, or whatevs :)20160616_152549-01 i realized as i put it on i have worn this thing for all 3 pregnancies.  i have found some timeless pieces from Urban Outfitters over this years and this one of them. i was 17 weeks along that day!20160616_152637-01the day before Dego's birthday, i took both boys to get their physicals and vaccinations outta the way for the summer. 20160616_134835-01this kid.  a clinic employee was walking by as we waited to be called and Chiso greeted him with the cheeriest, 'hello!' and a smile.  Dego imitates almost everything Chiso does these days and that time was no different.  the guy smiled right back and said, "this is what you get when you smile and say hello, boys-- " and he held up his pointer finger and disappeared into a into a nearby room.  he came back out and gave them both sun shades and frisbees.  how thoughtful!20160616_134948-01"waiting" for their pediatrician.20160616_134821-01yeah, he had the right idea...Snapchat-801161912587673047cause this was next.  i know moms feel me when i say this NEVER gets any easier, sheesh.   i made sure to let the nurse helping me hold Dego down that he was craaaazy strong; she held his legs while i held his little balled up fists. we got through it again.... but ugh. 

20160616_143806-01breathing treatment for the big boy!  he has been dealing with a 'wet' cough as of late, and the treatment definitely helped lessen it's intensity after just 5 minutes.  we will keep the treatments going at home until this thing is completely gone. prayers please!20160617_161112-01-01the next day was Dego's birthday!!!! :( why the sad face?  friends, i made a HUGE rookie mom move, even though i'm 2.5 kids into this motherhood game.  i totally should have waited til' the day after Dego's birthday to have his shots done.  his pedi warned that fever and soreness might strike, but i figured after a nap, a dose or two of pain meds, and a good nights sleep he would be back to normal by the next morning.  my little Dego was so not himself from the moment he woke up.  i felt teeeeeerrible and wondered how i could have been so dumb!  he wanted to be carried everywhere (in the house) and again he was not his normal, smiling, silly, playful, talkative self.  moms,  no vaccinations before any major events or holidays if you can help it.  you just never know how they will react, so don't risk it.  we planned on celebrating and enjoying his birthday at a new waterpark that opened up on the west side of town, Typhoon Texas!  but those plans were crapped and postponed immediately.  after a few naps and a few more rounds of pain meds, he was in a better mood by that evening, yay!  so, i whipped out his Whole Foods mini berry chantilly cake,DSC_0158-01(thanks for the card, Grannie & Grampa),DSC_0132-01and we sang to him as he smiled!20160617115421730he smiled. seeing him smile again made my heart fill with complete joy. it was the highlight of my day. DSC_0160-01papa's turn!  20160617-160325738then we got dressed and went to find Dory in 3D.DSC_0180-01i need a root canal but i HAD to try some, lol! happy 2nd birthday to our Dego....we love you! Typhoon Texas, we're still comin' for ya.

flashbacks: Dego's 1st mini bday party

Dego's birth story

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !



one...two...THREE #may27th

saturday, this boy woke up singing 'because i'm happyyyyyyyyy!' :P  he knew it was finally party day.


we threw a joint birthday pool party with friends of ours, Kristina and Allen; their daughter, Celén, was born on May 28th.  the location was at my gym, Lifetime City Centre! it was special to me because i had part of my 30th birthday celebration there, Chiso was finally able to come gymming with me when he turned 3 months old, and now he has celebrated his 3rd birthday there.


excited and picking up the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cakes the morning of.


the guests of honor! and why do they look like long-lost brother and sister?! LOL


but before their guests arrived, we put them to work stuffing their favor bags. we paid them in food, no worries.


on the menu:

 cheese, pepperoni, & BBQ chicken pizza (provided by the Lifetime Cafe), an assortment of subway sammiches, a variety of chips, cake batter rice crispy treats, strawberry-pecan-spinach salad, juice, water, and cake.20140524_133508_1

right on time, Papa, thanks.

we played gym games upstairs on the 3rd floor before hitting the pool. 


does that parachute give you a nostalgic feeling too?


they had some parachute fun, bowled, played scooter races, and there was even a real live Angry Birds game... pretty neat.


Chiso had all the pretty girls to himself before his guys friends arrived ;)


my girlfriend, Michelle (bottom L corner), put her super long legs to work and dusted EVERYBODY in the scooter race! her daughter, Lyonna, and Chiso share the same birthday.

now for the part the kiddos had been waiting all day for-


it's time to SWIM!


the party ended at 4, but we were in that pool from about 2:45 to 6:15.  he just didn't want to leave! you know where to find us this Summer.20140524_150546_1

this picture cracks me up- i was just trying to get their attention for the picture and i have no idea what i even said! but ummm, they look so annoyed. ROTFL.


splish, splash <3

i didn't get pics with everybody, but i'm grateful some of my family and friends were able to come celebrate with us!


my cousins Angie and Gerrilyn and their kiddos,


my sorority sister Trashina took a dip with her adorable boys,


and my friend Krystal was on double duty and held it down! i tell her all the time what a huge inspiration she is to me.  i feel like i'm starting all over balance-wise with Odego on the way and all... heck i feel like i JUST got into a groove with one kiddo (remembering to add an event to my calendar, getting there on time if at all, making sure he has pants on, etc) and she always encourages me that i can. experience is the best teacher and i believe you, girl. alright *clears throat*


let's sing! make a wish, Celén.


your turn, Chi!  he would not put that pizza down.


before & after.

 asleep in the car by 6:30pm and didn't wake up til the next day. party POOPED.


all four of us were! happy, HAPPY, 3rd birthday to our Chiso <3

thanks for reading!


holy forehead acne + gender reveal


my close friends are like 'girl SHUT UP about this forehead acne already. please.' and i will. when it goes away :shock: .   forreal though, it's the only symptom that is different from my 1st pregnancy. so 2% of me believed a mini fit foodie le was on the way.


 welp, yesterday was the day we got to confirm those (un)educated guesses.  i have been saying i don't care about the sex... i meant that.  i still don't care. i just can't believe i said i would wait until i was in the delivery room to find out....HA. yeah, not doing that. this round anyway!  i commend women/couples who actually go through with it though, seriously.

madewithOver (46)

i wake up wanting real cheese, eggs, and toast. every morning. most days this is dinner too.  so after a filling breakfast and some 19 week selfies,


i was so excited i threw on some heels and we hit the road to meet Sonny.  i asked Chi for the last time that morning,' so, sister or a brother? '  he responded with 'no thank you mama.  i don't want a sister.' aaaaallrightythen.


 i couldn't help but think, 'i was just here with Chiso.' 3 years really did pass by that fast. funny how my entire visit happened just like last time too.  Sonny came to meet me (well us, this time) from work, and i even used the same changing room. on purpose.   i remember having to chug 20 oz or more of water just before the procedure. and i barely made it to the bathroom afterwards. like last time.


heading down the long hallway to the US room.


it was even the same nurse - i recognized her right away and the way she began: 'ok please let me find what i need to find first and then we'll eventually get to the gender, your questions, and then i'll show you your baby in detail.' aaaaallrightlythen. #doyourthing.  she reminded me that the procedure usually lasts an hour, but that's cause sometimes the babies don't cooperate or face in the best direction.  luckily our little one gave us a clear shot of the goods ;)  . i think it's hilarious to watch the baby's mouth opening and closing on the screen- i'm like what the heck are you even saying :lol: !?  it's also cool to see all the punching and kicking and feel it happening in your belly simultaneously.   just in complete awe of God, again.


he'll fully understand soon enough.


and we're done here! all cheeses after 'meeting' the 4th member of the Egwuatu family.  so.....


this was the very first pic the nurse printed out for us.... POW. i knew instantly but Sonny still had the 'wait, what is that?' look on his face for the longest.

well, what is it?! 

(view is from the top looking down)