Dego 2.0


you may have seen this tunic a couple of times over the years!  it's one of my faves and it has officially been deemed...the belly blouse!  or tummy tunic, or whatevs :)20160616_152549-01 i realized as i put it on i have worn this thing for all 3 pregnancies.  i have found some timeless pieces from Urban Outfitters over this years and this one of them. i was 17 weeks along that day!20160616_152637-01the day before Dego's birthday, i took both boys to get their physicals and vaccinations outta the way for the summer. 20160616_134835-01this kid.  a clinic employee was walking by as we waited to be called and Chiso greeted him with the cheeriest, 'hello!' and a smile.  Dego imitates almost everything Chiso does these days and that time was no different.  the guy smiled right back and said, "this is what you get when you smile and say hello, boys-- " and he held up his pointer finger and disappeared into a into a nearby room.  he came back out and gave them both sun shades and frisbees.  how thoughtful!20160616_134948-01"waiting" for their pediatrician.20160616_134821-01yeah, he had the right idea...Snapchat-801161912587673047cause this was next.  i know moms feel me when i say this NEVER gets any easier, sheesh.   i made sure to let the nurse helping me hold Dego down that he was craaaazy strong; she held his legs while i held his little balled up fists. we got through it again.... but ugh. 

20160616_143806-01breathing treatment for the big boy!  he has been dealing with a 'wet' cough as of late, and the treatment definitely helped lessen it's intensity after just 5 minutes.  we will keep the treatments going at home until this thing is completely gone. prayers please!20160617_161112-01-01the next day was Dego's birthday!!!! :( why the sad face?  friends, i made a HUGE rookie mom move, even though i'm 2.5 kids into this motherhood game.  i totally should have waited til' the day after Dego's birthday to have his shots done.  his pedi warned that fever and soreness might strike, but i figured after a nap, a dose or two of pain meds, and a good nights sleep he would be back to normal by the next morning.  my little Dego was so not himself from the moment he woke up.  i felt teeeeeerrible and wondered how i could have been so dumb!  he wanted to be carried everywhere (in the house) and again he was not his normal, smiling, silly, playful, talkative self.  moms,  no vaccinations before any major events or holidays if you can help it.  you just never know how they will react, so don't risk it.  we planned on celebrating and enjoying his birthday at a new waterpark that opened up on the west side of town, Typhoon Texas!  but those plans were crapped and postponed immediately.  after a few naps and a few more rounds of pain meds, he was in a better mood by that evening, yay!  so, i whipped out his Whole Foods mini berry chantilly cake,DSC_0158-01(thanks for the card, Grannie & Grampa),DSC_0132-01and we sang to him as he smiled!20160617115421730he smiled. seeing him smile again made my heart fill with complete joy. it was the highlight of my day. DSC_0160-01papa's turn!  20160617-160325738then we got dressed and went to find Dory in 3D.DSC_0180-01i need a root canal but i HAD to try some, lol! happy 2nd birthday to our Dego....we love you! Typhoon Texas, we're still comin' for ya.

flashbacks: Dego's 1st mini bday party

Dego's birth story

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !



Dego's mini 1st birthday party + Applegate Grilling Kit -- who wants one!?



you know that symbol when you see it.

it means you are in the vicinity of some healthy, organic, and all natural goodness!

thanks to Applegate we enjoyed these healthy hot dogs for Dego's first birthday lunch.  i had zero faith Chiso (the 4 yr old picky eater)  would even take a bite of anything in that box but boy did he surprise us!


my lil' helper was so excited to unpack the goodies.


what's in there? only the best of the best components needed to build a BOMB, healthy hot dog:

  • Sir Kensington's all natural yellow mustard & classic ketchup
  • 20150617_145903-01
  • Applegate all natural, grass-fed, uncured beef hot dogs
  • 20150617_145918-01
  • Vermont Bread Company Potato Hot Dog Buns
  • 20150617_145816-01
  • napkins
  • meat thermometer
  • cooler
  • 'you grill girl' apron
  • 20150617_145130-01
  • oven mit
  • the cutest Apple gate buttons <3


it rained cats & dogs outside that afternoon so my grill pan was perfect.20150617_151600-01

yeah.... i don't think i'll ever be boiling our hot dogs in water ever again.  soooo much more flava this way.

stats per dog: 70 cals, 6g fat, 6g protein, 330mg sodium

ingredients: beef, water, and less than 2% of sea salt, paprika, dehydrated onion, spices (black pepper, coriander, mace, nutmeg), nutmeg oil, and celery powder. all recognizable stuff, right!


do you toast your buns? YOU GOTTA TOAST YOUR BUNS. spending just a little extra time on the minor details really makes an ordinary meal extraordinary!  i added a little Earth Balance Buttery Spread before toasting.


per Chiso's request, we had an indoor picnic in the middle of the living room floor.


i walked out to the front porch to snag some thunderstorm lighting before we started though.


2% colby jack cheese, green onions, mustard, ketchup went on top of my dog!


so, Chiso ate 2 dogs all by himself! it's like pulling teeth to get him to taste ANYTHING new... so this was big.


next, CAKE!  on the way home from the gym that morning i stopped by Whole Foods Market to pick up a mini cake for Dego and ended up with two! did Dego like it? check out our birthday song video below and see ;)

[wpvideo WwobLKxl]


happy 1st birthday, big boy! this day was Dego's actual birthday, but we had another small, family party that following saturday. so, who wants their very own Applegate grilling kit while the summer is in full swing!?

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