you've got the power

the way i felt about the buffet is the same way i used to feel about pizza. i never liked to order it for just Sonny and i cause i could easily put away half of the pie by myself.  i felt horrible afterwards- full of food and guilt.  pizza is definitely one of my fav foods.  correction- papa johns pizza.  i also love PJ's because they have totally given the consumer the power of CUSTOMIZATION.  call me late, but i was elated to see just how detailed things have gotten as far as creating your own pie. i couldn't be happier- you have soooo many options and can still enjoy a nice slice or two and keep your diet in check.

friday nite dinner:

we got the garden fresh (bell pepper, olives, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese) and added grilled chicken on thin crust all for around 220 calls a slice. switching to thin crust alone saves around 60 cals and 16 grams of carbs.  it gets better:

  • no sauce/light sauce/extra sauce
  • can sub grilled chicken for sausage/bacon/pepperoni
  • less cheese/no cheese
  • thin/wheat crust
  • add extra veggies
  • square cut for better portion control

and yep, most of the other major pizza chains e.g. pizza hut, dominoes, etc. (yawn) have the same/similar options too, so cut calories, carbs, and fat and customize away.