2 things for feb

1. last year my hubby surprised me with a trip to Central Market's annual chocolate festival as part of our v-day weekend festivities!  i can't believe a year just flew by THAT fast.  i was also 6.5 months preggo in this pic, promise.

it's that time again. soooo, this year you can check it out for yourself, or make a lunch or dinner date out of it.  7 whole days of countless varieties, flavors, and forms of CHOCOLATE. not buying? get your sample on. if there is a Central Market in your town, go.


the Rodeo Run is coming up.


i know you've been seeing the reminder over there in the side bar, but i'm just making sure you know.  if you told me you have always wanted to participate in a 5k, 10k,  half/full marathon, get you some practice in and sign up.  this one's a 5k and a 10k.  i'll be doing the 10k again this year myself.




i'll be posting upcoming Houston area races all year-long though, so check them out when you visit me.