gobblin' & grubbin' - Turkey Trot 2018

another Turkey Trot for the books! this one was extra special.


Sonny is such a lucky guy. i mean, i know he is crazy honored to have married a woman who runs 5 & 10ks on holidays. we stopped by packet pickup the day before to get all our gear!

i’ve been running the @houturkeytrot since 2012, but this year was extra special because i ran as a 2018 ambassador. i even got the chance to represent and pub the race on KPRC channel 2 leading up to the big day.

i am so grateful for the opportunities God has given me through social media! many of them come through The ‘Gram.


my cheering squad sent me off properly! it was windy, but thankfully not uncomfortably cold which kept their whining to a minimum.

ran into my fellow double ambassador @ryan_runs_hou at the starting line.


his pace is so impressive and i know he will blaze through the houston marathon the same way. we both will (in Jesus’ name AMEN)!

the course was straight and flat this year. the hardest mile is the one just before the very last mile for me (any distance). omg. i always have to talk and force myself through it.


doooone! didn’t know it at the time but ya girl PR’d at 48 minutes and some change! i definitely used this race in prep for the @chevronhoustonmarathon in january. the 5k race started as i was running but as soon as i finished i called Sonny. to my complete surprise, he answered and said he was running the 5k with Chiso! i high-tailed it over to the 5k finish line to wait for my boys.


Chiso got in two 5ks under his belt this past summer and wanted the @houturkeytrot to be his 3rd. Sonny definitely didn’t plan on running and we wouldn’t let Chi run alone. i wasn’t sure what we were going to do!! Sonny didn’t let his is achilles tendons and knees make him miss out on creating a special memory with Chiso but he definitely paid for it later :(. i am so proud of them both for finishing strong!


as i waited for them to finish i met up with my girrrrrrl Regina! she tackled the 10k too and did her very first marathon a few weeks prior.

one of my favorite things about the Turkey Trot is seeing so many families participate. tackling the race together and then those Thanksgiving plates afterwards sounds like a great tradition to me :)




flexin’ with Sassy the Turkey after finishing the kid’s 1k! this very picture even made the newspaper in Houston the next morning!


Kosi slept through the entire 1k as i pushed her in the stroller but woke up just in time to get her medal, ha. special thanks to their uncle Thew for his help with his niece and nephews!


Kosi kept one eye on Sassy. lol.


she loves apples almost as much as Dego does! there were granola bars and fresh fruit for post-race snackage this year.


that’s a wrap!


thankful for this turkey,


and this jive turkey!


this day 2 years ago we were in the hospital welcoming our turkey baby girl into the world! cannot believe how fast 2 years buzzed right on by.


full bellies and hearts. i thank you sincerely for reading and for your support! i had a wonderful time meeting some of you at the post-race party and if you used my turkey trot ambassador code, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! see ya next year :)

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