3 NEW thangs {food, fitness, fam}

ONE {food}

a NEW recipe has been posted to my recipe subscription! these Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Blender Mini Muffins are just 73 calories a pop, y’all! gluten and dairy-free, ooowee. i have made them twice this weekend and the kids, Sonny, and i killed them ALL. yes. we ate over 60 mini muffins between us. they are THAT good. if you haven’t joined yet, come on IN! there’s plenty more dairy-free deliciousness where they came from!


TWO {fitness)

NEW workout posted to my YT channel! subscribe if ya haven’t already! i created a poll in my IG Stories and i hear you guys loud and clear. i’ll keep the workout vids coming, but MORE COOKING VIDEOS! i got chu.

Like and leave me some feedback here or on YT! if you enjoyed it let me know! i believe it provided the perfect amount of butt kicking but if ya need more, run it back and repeat :)

THREE {fam}


i am forever grateful to God for our miracle family and the fact that our holiday shoot with @keylinephotography literally took less than 20 minutes! look, i’m just glad i had enough time to order Christmas cards and send them off before Christmas passed this year. #progress Dego was SO proud of his new boots y’all, hahahaha! i had no idea what color scheme we would go with this year, but everything came together after i found Kosi’s little adorable dress. i tried to link everything above, but if you have questions on anything just ask below!

do me a favor and have a GREAT WEEK!!

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