Happy 2nd Birthday, Kosi-ko!

our sweet, sweet Kosisochi.

2 years old?! gaaaaah.

you definitely grew the fastest out of the Egwuatu bunch (so far, haha!).

you are loved so, so deeply, little girl. may God continue to cover you and direct your paths as you grow to know Him and live for Him. that is our daily prayer.

happy 2nd birthday to our turkey day baby girl!


throwback :)


1st feeding as a 2 year old! cherishing these nursing sessions with everything in me. every time i think she’s about to wrap this thing up though, she doesn’t! that’s alright with me.


parents knoooow how crucial that pre-party nap is.


vegan rice crispy treats! i used vegan buttery sticks instead of regular butta.


in addition to those, i added some gluten-free ranch & cinnamon crackers, pretzel thins, kettle corn, strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, and plenty of cake! we also ordered pizza, i made my famous tropical party punch (i get asked about it so much i should totally share the recipe!) and my mother-in-love ordered some shrimp fried rice and chicken wings for the adults. i remember stressing out SO hard about Chiso’s first birthday while putting his table together. it turned out amazing, but i will not put myself through that anymore. i refuse! i don't have that kinda time anyway. call it 3rd child syndrome, IDK! i did my best with her table; i stuck to the mini mouse pink and purple theme, remembered she is turning 2 and not 22, and stayed well within my budget. she partied her little heart out. mission accomplished.


my mom sent this outfit over and at first i was like, “nah, we don’t do tu-tus.” but the colors were just right. i put it on Kosi and my heart melted instantly. it was perfect. Granny knows best.


she may outgrow my lap but never, ever my heart. what an emotional week and weekend it was for me, my goodness.


“ma. i’ve got guests to entertain.”

she tore those rice crispy treats UP.

as good as it got that day!

my sweet, sweet Aunt Hazel sent Kosi a birthday card via snail mail and included this brand spanking new 2 dollar bill. when’s the last time you’ve held one in your hand?


big brother Chiso created a handmade card for his lil’ sister! so thoughtful.


the reason Kosi’s hair was so fabulous on her special day! thank you for blessing your niece’s scalp time and time again, Auntie Nessa.


uncle Bri Bri, Natalie, and Naomi made it back from celebrating Thanksgiving in Arkansas JUST in time for Kosi’s party! what a pleasant surprise at our door!


3 generations. i have some big shoes to fill. no, really, my mom wears size 11. hahahahaha


jump around!

y’all know she was prolly singing Boo’d up, lol. thank you for your Insta birthday wishes and LOVE.

as always, thanks for reading!

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