first sunday

we got up early and attended early service this morning.  we were running late, so i had a banana and a handful of almonds in the car.

when we don't go out to breakfast after church, i usually make a semi-big breakfast before our early afternoon dinner.  for some reason i can eat one time on sunday and be fine for the rest of the day. so weird.  this morning we all had egg white omelettes with garlic and herb cheese, turkey sausage, and ranch new potatoes.  chiso and i also had prune infused oatmeal; sonny can't stand the texture of it, so none for him.

i must have lots of cheese on my eggs! i use a particular cheese i will devote a future post to. so, you'll have to just check back for it! it gives my food flavor but keeps it light on the fat and cals.  once my omelette is done on one side, i flip it, then add the cheese so it can melt while the other side finishes up. then i fold it in half. you can add so many things to your omelette (onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, whatever) but when i'm pressed for time i just keep my egg whites solo.  i usually do 3 eggs whites- that's pretty filling for me.

i have an on/off relationship with coffee. sometimes i think i just like the smell rather than actually drinking a cup. however, when i do save my starbucks money and make my own at home, it's more like adding coffee to my cream and sugar! it's gotta be sweet. i found this little treasure at HEB last week and had to test it- pretty darn close.

a nap sounds good right about now. happy sunday!