1st 5K of the year

my goal was to finish under 27 minutes, and by the grace of God i did just that.  chip time: 26:29! my brother totally took me by surprise a few days prior to the race and mentioned that he was interested in running.  he finished strong around 31 min. or so. not too shabby for his first 5k ever.  so proud of him.

which leads me to my inspiration for this post. people share with me all the time their desire to run a race (5k, 10k, half/full marathon, etc.).  what or who is stopping you? ok if it's your Dr., then sit down somewhere. however, if you are good to go physically (even if you aren't an elite runner-- i am far from it), GO FOR IT ALREADY.   you are stopping you...yes, you.  sometimes when people ask how far i ran and i say 5k, their jaws drop. remember:

5k = 3.1 miles

10k = 6.2 miles

half marathon = 13.1 miles

marathon = 26.2 miles

start small and work your way up. also, most people are under the impression that you must run the entire time or somehow you'll be disqualified or penalized or something crazy like that. if that is your goal, sure, proper training must take place. however, if you need to take a break, take one! start back up when you're ready. my brother's goal was to finish, and he did that with a combo of walking and running and got it done.  pick a race, sign up, and go for it.

an hr before go time, i had a hand full of almonds and blueberries.   very light breakfast. immediately after our race, i snagged a free banana and a small cup of vanilla ice cream. it was free, i had to. then, we headed to Le Peep for  a celebratory brunch.  i had an egg white (6) turkey and vegetable scramble with a side of roasted potatoes and fruit.  that was accompanied with a wheat pancake. i also had a cup of hot chocolate!

i ate like i had just run the full marathon!

everything except the fruit! took it to-go

the banana and ice cream satisfied my sweet tooth for the moment, so i took the fruit home to snack on for later. great run, great day.  congrats to all runners!