quick WF stop

i'd rather go grocery shopping than to the mall any day. HEB (plus) holds a very, very special place in my heart. whoever introduced the idea of sampling stations all across the store just gets IT. the more you let people snack and try things, the more likely they fill their baskets up with stuff they never even planned on getting. i voluntarily fall for this every single time. before HEB, my fav store was Whole Foods. i don't frequent WF as much anymore as it has become more of a specialty foods store for me. i usually go there for their prepared foods (pizza, sandwiches, soups, sweets), or items that aren't sold in HEB of course. i received a gift card for Christmas that i have been waiting to use, so Chiso and i stopped by WF on our way home this afternoon.

as usual, i spent the majority of our time in the bulk isle. is it really cheaper to shop this way?  sure i'll do the calculations sometimes, but other times i just don't want to. i just like the idea of scooping out however much i want, and writing the plu number on the twist tie. it just makes my grocery shopping experience so much more interactive and cool. if i don't want to buy a whole box of something, i'll get a small amount of it first and see how that goes. never made quiona before, but i saw it and scooped away.

 they had hummus on sale for 99 cents ( i couldn't believe it either) so i got two new flavors along with some chips for dipping.  i usually eat my hummus with vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes) but Sonny likes chips.  i had never seen the cocoa flavor and the limited time only tag made me go for it. they were on sale 2 for 5 anyway.

by the way, WF has THE best key lime pie.  every aspect of it is just right. slighty sweet, crunchy crust..tangy, velvety filling...topped with a cloud of homemade whipped cream. yes.

 after doing a two a day (1 hr of total conditioning at the gym that morning + a 4 mile run after getting home from the store) you bet i ate and enjoyed every last morsel of that pie.