what do i do with my kids week 2018

 spring breeeeeak! 


what a fun week it was.  i made sure to keep our crumb snatchers entertained every single day.  

here's what we did on the cheap!

there was beauuuutiful weather for a park date monday afternoon! I taught my LIFT class at The Preserve that morning (Mondays at 9:30am, come see meeeee) and kept the day pretty light honestly.  Monday is always full of that GO, GO, GO, kinda energy so it was nice to take our time and go at a chill pace.  they played their little hearts out. they always do. 


tuesday we hit up our local Whole Foods for their free Kid's Club activity hour! Chiso has truly missed going because of school so this was a big treat for him.  they made leprechaun hats out of construction paper for their craft.  Dego only comes for the juice and cookies. 


back at home later, i whipped up lunch & dinner, and the boys helped me with dessert. by request, we had homemade bacon cheese burgers and fries!  check out the super easy ranch turkey burger recipe in the caption of this IG pic! I cut up some russet potatoes, drizzled them in EVOO, pink Himalayan sea salt, and black pepper. they baked on 400 degrees for about 40 minutes  (be sure to flip halfway through). i garnished them with fresh minced cilantro, yum. 


 I am forever testing recipes and these raw, vegan date balls (don't have a cool name for them just yet) were a big hit...with my kids! #wuuut covering something in chocolate doesn't guarantee they will eat it but it always helps!  they each excitedly dumped an ingredient into the food processor for me until it was time to crank up the machine.  they devoured all of them to my complete surprise and I know you will too!  kids, pp moms, errybody! 


wednesday, we went back to the park to play (and to take Insta pics, haha). then we headed to the Museum of Natural Science Sugar Land.

Kosi was still in a daze from her nap but the boys had a blast in the Dig Pit searching for dinosaur fossils. 

Chiso was crazy excited to finally go volunteer at Kids' Meals Inc.! he really wanted to have a hand in putting the meals together that would be delivered to hungry preschoolers around Houston, but that area was already full.  so, we decorated lunch bags instead and hope to make another child's tummy and face smile.

afterwards, more park time at Discovery Green! it was pretty crowded but not a big deal.  we worked up a big appetite and headed to Whole Foods Post Oak for pizza.


at first, i ordered 4 individual slices (3.50 each) for the boys but the pizza guy behind the counter informed me whole pizza's are 12 bucks on thursdays. score!


we are currently in the "I can do it myself, mama, thanks." phase at 15 months. we went straight to my parent's house after lunch because my mom wanted to watch the boys overnight.  who am I to stand in her way?! she's a Pre-K teacher and was out enjoying her own SB as well.  that day i needed and actually wanted a nap!  normally they do more harm than good for me. I either nap too short and wake up with bloodshot eyes and a gigantic headache, or I nap too long and can't fall asleep easily that same night. I slept for one hour exactly and it was PERFECT. I've gotta do it just right for them to be effective.  anyway,  granny and grampa's house is like Chuck E Cheese for the kids!  and that makes me incredibly happy.  


friday morning i slept in but hightailed it over to Lifetime for a quick workout. i am SO glad i went because it was Miss Natalie's very last day!  she received an offer she couldn't refuse and is opening a new door after 12 years with LT.  she has watched and cared for Chiso since he was 3 months old, then Dego, and now Kosi!  we wish her the best but will miss her dearly.  

we will hit up the zoo and the children's museum on an off-peak week!  super long lines and crowds with young ones....yeah i avoid that scenario as often as i can.  Sonny handled the remainder of the weekend with the kiddos while i handled up on some secret business i'll tell ya about soon:) 

how did you spend your spring break this year!? tell me!  I'd love to read about it.

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