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these guys... they keep me on my toes. all 10 of them.


living and leading a healthy lifestyle has always been a priority for me for as long as i can remember, and our 3 rug rats keep that flame burning extra bright.  they have taught me that being healthy is definitely not all about physical appearance or only what our eyes can see.  my children remind me to feed my soul. this means in addition to physical activity, strengthening my spiritual and emotional well being is just as important.  it's all connected!


keep up with me, babies!  i often wonder just where God will lead each of them as they grow through this life.  no matter what their individual dreams and aspirations are, both big and small, taking care of their temples is what will allow them to accomplish those dreams. healthy to me is no longer working out 7 days a week and only leaving the gym until I've burned 1000+ calories. wow! these little ones have truly changed me for the better. it's also:

cooking a big healthy Sunday dinner for my family

spending the day trekking around the zoo

taking a yoga class with my hubby

running a 5k with a friend

eating snacks and watching movies on the couch with my kids


women often ask me for supplement recommendations, and truthfully, i don't stray much further than a daily multi / prenatal vitamin.  however, vitamins can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, and health-conscious people have trusted Nature's Bounty products for nearly 50 years!    in addition to vitamins and supplements, you've also got to make sure you're doing important (yet basic) factors like:

  • getting ample rest #gotobed

  • eating a variety of (mostly) nutrient dense foods

  • drinking plenty of water

  • maintaining a consistent, active lifestyle

  these things all play a crucial part in helping us be our best, healthy selves.

as a 3rd time and current nursing mom, a daily multi has our backs when my diet is less than stellar.  i definitely have those days!


thanks, Kosi-Ko!


each yummy Nature’s Bounty Adult Multi Gummy serving provides 100% daily value or more of four key B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D to keep you going while supporting your immune system and promoting bone health.*


i normally aim to receive my omega-3 fatty acids from actual fish, but fish oil supplements are a great, easy option.  the omega-3s found in Nature’s Bounty® Fish Oil supports cardio and circulatory health while preventing and managing heart disease.*  it has also been proven to lower blood pressure.*


i don't have experience with probiotics, but after reading so much about them, i should!  our bodies are full of bacteria, both good and bad.  probiotics are often called "good" bacteria because they help promote great gut health.  using 20 billion live probiotic cultures, Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic10 provides advanced support for optimal digestive balance and healthy immune function.*   for me, eliminating dairy was the first step in conquering my tummy troubles. a healthy, smooth digestive system is a big deal.


  their versions of healthy will differ just like their paths, but what’s important to remember is that no matter what, they're always better off healthy.  

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which vitamins and/or supplements do you include in your daily routine?

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