Chobani Cafe (yup)


Chobani... Cafe?  ya, it's a real thing, y'all!  it's a big deal in New York, and i for one am ecstatic that Chobani chose the Woodlands, Texas for their 3rd cafe location.  what an honor!  i'm originally from the north side of Houston and even though i got hitched and moved out west towards Katy, it was worth the almost hour drive Kosi and i took to get there.  hey, it's a heck-of-alot closer than NY, right ;)this particular location is housed inside a super cool, high-tech, brand spanking new, neighborhood Walmart.  providing healthy snack/lunch options before or after grocery shopping is a wooooonderful idea!  as the young girls say, #ImHereForIt two of the sweetest, most gracious hosts, Lauren (l) & Blair, showed us around the new spot and fed my face!Lauren handles all the PR for Chobani, and Blair is the senior communications many amazing flavor combos and things to choose!  they explained the menu thoroughly and urged me to try at least one option from every section. wut? music to my EARS. here's what i went with:i started with the incredibly dreamy Citrus Ginger Carrot Drink (plain greek yogurt + fresh pressed juice) which is a blended combo of apple, mango, banana, carrot, fennel, ginger, turmeric, and lime. from the Sweet Creations section, this simple, classic fresh fruit + granola combo was calling my name!  berries, granola, plain greek yogurt, and a drizzle of honey.  someone got hungry watching me taste all this food! it was her turn to eat lunch, so i whipped out my Milk Snob cover and let her do her was the perfect time to step outside the box and try some savory yogurt.  they swore by it and i see why!  i devoured the Mango + Avocado from the Savory Creations section; it was served with blue corn tortilla chips. Simit Sandwiches!! it's different and it sets them apart from the rest. it works.  i'm a simit first timer and Laura described it as a larger, but thinner bagel.  i went with another classic combo and all time fave of mine, avocado and turkey breast.  they slather the toasted simit with a savory yogurt spread which ties the sandwich flavors all together. SO.GOOD. my girl my girl Adaeze lives in the area, so i told her to meet me at the Cafe so she could say hi to Kosi! Lauren and Blair were so kind and let her try out a few things on the menu too!     these tables though!  how about i need them in my home kitchen so when Dego spills his juice it won't get all over the chair and floor! #genius it's all coming together beautifully!  they are scheduled to open very, very soon. they even sent us away with goodie bags!inside was some grape and strawberry yogurt for my boys, they threw in a few Turkish Nazars for my boys which are believed to protect one from the evil eye in Eastern Mediterranean culture. you wear them on your arm just like bracelet.  cannot wait to come back and use that gift card!also, there was some clover honey,EVOO,and this cool fitted cap that i'll never see again now that it's in Chiso's hands! spring break is almost over but we still have more stuff to cross off our list :)

K E E P   U P   W I T H   U S !