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we received Kneipp products in exchange for an honest review.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

baths are so my thing.  i have always favored them over showers.  a daily bubble bath never hurt nobody!  they were extremely soothing during and after pregnancy at that.  


lavender is easily one of my favorite scents, so i was super excited use the Kneipp relaxing lavender bubble bath and body lotion!  the almond blossom lotion's light, sweet, fresh smell was pleasant as well.  i love that the lotions are not heavy nor greasy which is a pet peeve of mine.  i have always struggled with dry skin, but what i failed to realize is that the products i bathed with had such a large effect on the dryness and sometimes made it much worse!!  just like when buying food, you've got to flip the product over and read the ingredient list.  i'm happy to know that Kneipp products are high quality, vegan, and are made up of plant derived ingredients manufactured with pharmaceutical standards. nothing artificial! also,

no preservatives

no paraffin, silicone or mineral oils

no animal-derived ingredients 

no animal testing

dermatologist tested.

bath time is the best time!!


bathing with Kosi in this tub always reminds me of the night i contracted in it before meeting her face-to-face a few hours later.  i totally see why women do water births!  *duly noted* anyway, the contraction that sent us to the hospital happened right here!  after struggling through it i said to myself, "as soon as this painful wave ends, i'm getting up. this is it." so i yelled out to Sonny that it was go time.  i replay it over and over in my mind, every time!  i cannot wait to get all dramatic and illustrate the full story to Kosi. 


i especially love the herbal bath joint and muscle bath oil; it fills my bathroom with such a wonderful, relaxing, intoxicating rosemary and pine aroma!!  as a fit mom who works out at least 6 days a week, i need all the bounce back i can get.   the arnica flower extract, which is  this concoction's active herb, has been used for centuries as natures answer for sprains, bruises, wounds, aching joints, and stiffness. 

there is also lavender-scented shower foam available (i shave my legs with it ((when i remember to)).  if you aren't exfoliating your body at least once a week then you should totally start!  exfoliation helps with blood flow to your skin making it look and feel younger.  it also detoxifies, tones, and increases the elasticity in your skin which is HUGE for pre and post pregnancy.  moms, we know pregnancy can do a number on our bodies, so always include exfoliating in your skin care routine.  see my Mommy Pooch...Be Gone post for more on that!  rub gently in circular motions and don't over do it; once or twice a week is perfect.   


Kosi is four months now and has not battled an eczema outbreak in weeks, her acne has been gone for a while now, and the cradle cap has vanished as well, thank God! i have been using the Raspberry Sea Princess Shampoo + Body Wash on her.  so, now she blows raspberries and smells like them too :)

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