8 med ball moves + #FlashBackFriday


we made it through the week.

you alright?

you hangin’ in there too?

that’s normally my reply to anyone who asks me, “how are you doing?”

i’m just hanging in there, y’all.

we filmed a quick video full of med ball moves for you to do at home! speaking of filming, we’ve been doing a ton of it! our Fit Phix app now allows for full length videos!!! this is GREAT NEWS and a timely, answered prayer. press PLAY!

  1. butt to ball air squats

  2. forward lunges with twist

  3. squat + push pull

  4. mountain climbers

  5. wood choppas (each side)

  6. speed skaters

  7. seated partner 360 core twists

  8. full body sit ups to stand + press (advanced!)

    1 minute per exercise for 3 rounds makes for a nice lil’ sweaty home workout circuit. enjoy and tag me on IG or YouTube once you do it!!

guys. #how is Kosi about to be 2 next month???? deep sigh. she grew up the quickest by far.

it’s #flashbackfriday and i’m reading this awesome YouVersion devotional that resonates with my entire soul titled Overwhelmed With My Blessings. soooo relatable!


"This job will eventually end, leaving you with gray hairs, wrinkles, and saggy skin, and yet, a heart that has grown and expanded in ways you didn't know were possible. If you allow it, this job of motherhood will make you more like Him."  

have you ever felt overwhelmed by your blessings? i often do. my devotional led me right back to this #9weekspostpartum picture! i look at it in my phone often but have never shared... it makes me want to both laugh & cry. since Kosi is our 3rd, i was well aware of how tough yet temporary the newborn season would be, but this day...whew. it felt like the longest day ever in life. running on fumes. hormonal. a 2 and 5 year old calling for me from sun up to sun down + social accounts to run + a home to keep at least somewhat presentable. Sonny is an exceptionally present father but IDK where he was that day, lol! never changed outta my pjs or took my head scarf off.  my untouched to-do list made me feel like the biggest bum and failure. overwhelmed. i took this picture with the intent to look back at it and laugh. and i do. I look a hot mess and Kosi's expression is comical.  it's my reminder on THOSE days with the kids that i can and will get through whatever "it" may be though.  it's hard to look up during those rough patches, but they ultimately make me better because i have learned to lean on Him so much harder. you'll get through whatever "it" is, too. we prayed for these little blessings and God will always provide a way for us to enjoy them in a loving, patient manner if we just ask! time is fleeting.  breathe, mama. respect and accept your season...and do the best you can,

sure, motherhood changes us physically, but

comment below and tell me if and how motherhood has changed your HEART.

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