ANNOUNCEMENT!!! + Roasted Ranch Brussels Sprouts

the decision to start a recipe subscription has been on my mind for months now. i’ve also wanted to create more ebooks (and i will!) but just felt like i could never sit down long enough to create and actually FINISH another one (actually any project i start, ugh) again! always going, going, going. every day. commitment after commitment. happy to say that things have changed for the better on my end as of these past 3 weeks. my help to make these difficult changes truly came from above. i can confidently say i felt God’s hand and presence over my life more than i ever have recently. my circle stepped up and guided me through this emotional transition and i’m so grateful for them. His timing is absolutely perfect! because of these difficult but necessary changes, i am now able to focus a TON more on the mission and tasks He has placed on my heart. you know, what i was supposed to be focusing on all along!! blog post coming. anywaaaaay, my recipe subscription will be just 5 bucks a month! i will be adding recipes consistently; if you can’t find something you need or something you saw in my IG feed, just let me know! you can sign up here! there were a handful of you who signed up before i even made the official announcement on Instagram and WOW! incredibly grateful for your support and love. blessings!

you’ve already got my dairy-free, homemade dry ranch seasoning recipe, right?

right! now, let’s put it to use on these here brussels sprouts.


fresh brussels sprouts are super dirty, y’all. now, i’ve been a lil’ lazy in the past and replaced actually washing off a nectarine or an apple with a wipe of my shirt but you gotta go all out with fresh brussels.


i chop off the ends (only if they are extra long but normally i leave’em), halve them, and then let them soak in a good fruit and veggie wash (i use this one and post it in my IG stories all the time) + water then rinse very well. don’t skip these steps!


homemade ranch seasoning on deck! you need this recipe as it goes great on proteins too! chicken, fish, and turkey are my go-tos and it makes great dressings, sauces, and dips.


goin’ iiiiin.


roasted to perfection! so robust.

just the right tenderness & crispiness.


after i made them for our dinner recently, i added crispy maple bacon cause what a combo!


for this brussels sprouts recipe and more dairy-free deliciousness like you see below, subscribe to my recipes and thank you SO much in advance for your support!!!

much love,

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