Cheesesteak Quesadillas

Chiso (7) requested philly cheese steaks for dinner this past sunday and i didn’t even know he knew what they were! but then i remembered who his father is.


i literally hadn’t made one in YEARS. definitely before Dego was born! so, we strolled on over to the deli section of Sprouts and i ordered 1 pound of thinly sliced roast beef. pretty sure i got this idea from The Pioneer Woman (love Ree!) and i remember how great they turned out. y’all, i found myself speeding home and super excited about these cheese steaks!!


i sliced up some golden and red bell peppers as soon as i got home for Sonny and i. i discovered i didn’t have any yellow onion though!! don’t you hate when that happens? “no, Leah, cause I actually make a grocery list and stick to it.” oh, ok then. ugh. thankfully, we didn’t miss the onion.


i told Chiso to pick out some bread, and he came back with a big loaf of french bread. not something i’d normally buy (anymore), but man, it was super soft, freshly baked, and actually perfect for the cheese steaks.

as i sautéed up the meat on our stove top grill at home, i asked Dego (4) repeatedly if he wanted one and he kept turning me down… until he saw and smelled Chiso’s sammich of course! Chiso keeps it simple; he’s a meat and cheese only kinda guy.


the smell brought Sonny downstairs! he and the boys aren’t 100% dairy-free, but i often buy part skim mozzerella or 2% cheeses for them.

just 1/2 a lb of meat makes about 4 servings! for Kosi and i, i whipped out my favorite dairy-free cheddar cheese and low carb, light flour tortillas.

dairy does me dirty, and i notice that whenever i let her have some (cheese on pizza for example) her diapers are out OUT OF THIS WORLD. do y’all hear me?? omg. the worst. so, i try to keep her diet as dairy-free as possible. did i just ruin your appetite? that’s motherhood for ya.


they turned out AMAZING, right?! they taste even better, guys.


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