sup yall!

my workout buddy, Miko, celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend! so, we made plans to attend her big dinner.  we were all (me, Sonny, the boys) in the car headed home before taking them to their designated sitter when Chiso (3) started vomitting out of nowhere! it was so random and unexpected, and also the first time he's thrown up since he was an infant. Sonny and i looked at each other in disbelief instantly.

20150131_201928_1 has some of the best 'what to do if your child is sick' info i've come across.  what to NOT do if your child is sick: freak. out.

 after a warm bubble bath he said he was feeling much better... but as a mom you know your child's sick and healthy demeanors right away!  i had already missed Miko's first birthday event the night before (a skate party i really wanted to go to) so i was put between a rock and a hard place.  luckily he really was better, and we were able to go celebrate with her and speed right back home.

happy 30th birthday, Shymika!

20150131_223416_1 i'm usually the one making other people feel short but not that night!  i didn't even bother changing clothes from earlier that day since we were already super late getting there.

IMG_20150131_225607 the food ROCKED.  i work in City Centre and see this place aaaaaall the time but had never been.  it's a churascaria (all you can eat Brazilian style meat) called Texas De Brazil and it's super similar to FoGo De Chao.  i don't like to eat a large meal late at night (past 8pm really), so i skipped all that delicious red meat they kept buzzing around us with.  i LOVE fancy, elaborate salad bars though! i circled it twice three times before calling it quits.  all plates looked identical and were filled with veggies galore and seafood. except for that prosciutto i didn't even eat!

i wrote a post about tips on conquering the buffet my very 2nd month blogging. time is FLEETING! seems like i just started this thing! anyway, there's some useful info in there that i stick by to this day.

do you like churascarias?  well done, medium rare, or medium?