the saga continues

so dramatic.

my expectations for carb cycling are pretty darn high, and i was honestly expecting a huge change in my body, instantly.  we always want things when we want them!!  i really have noticed a few changes after almost two cycles, but i figure i'll just wait until my next progress update (1 more week) to see the full effect it will have on my body. deal?

oh, and btw- thursday, my 1st high carb day, was pretty darn fab.  i purposely took about 45 minutes per meal to eat. NICE AND SLOW. lol.  i enjoyed my fruit, and i hit it hard in the gym that evening and worked on my shoulders and a little back.

but now it's back to another fruit-less three days.

i came across an old Academy Sports and Outdoors ad i did about 3 years ago.  yes, my expression looks as if someone just cut the cheese.   i don't know what the heck their selection process is with their pictures, but i was just grateful for the opportunity :lol: . anyway, i brought this up because those were my abs before giving birth.

and these are my abs now.

i admit, i thought my body would change for WORSE after giving birth... i didn't think it would ever be the same again.  women were designed and made for childbirth!  treat your body right and it will show you just how AMAZING it can be.   even after Chiso has plenty of siblings, i know that i can get right back to where i am with a little hard work and commitment and so can you.

getting there, week by week. did i mention i have 7 weeks left?!