lululemon Journey Crops + #sunfamfun

soooo, what did you and your fam get into today?


 we got fro-yo this evening to conclude my first 'relaxed' sunday in a really long time.  i was honestly emotional today thinking about the sunday class i no longer teach (we were in Miami this time last week so it was the furthest thing from my mind lol).  but now i'm back in town and i found myself letting those guilty feelings and thoughts creep back in concerning my decision to drop the class.  just taking it one sunday at a time.


first off, let me just say how BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE i am from this past weekend's Blog Elevated Conference.  just wow.  my brain is literally overflowing with info and i am JUST now sitting down to review it all. or at least try to.  pages and pages of notes.  a gigantic stack of business cards from the other awesome bloggers i met.  i'll get to it all.  after this post!

i had the pleasure of testing out these fan-freakin-tastic Journey Cropped pants from Lululemon recently.

can you say 'second skin'?


they kept right up with all my shenanigans.  stretching, running, HIIT, treadmill, yoga, weight training, lounging, grocery shopping-  all of it.


why i love and recommend the Journey Crops - 78.00:

  • compressive but comfortable
  • they fit like a glove / accentuates my shape and holds everything in place
  • high waist band to prevent muffin top
  • secret pocket
  • long & lean length
  • breathable, cool, sheer, lightweight mesh fabric on the back of the leg (hamstring and calve) area
  • mesh area is stylish not see-through
  • crazy comfortable

my 5:30am members got a kick outta my one-woman fashion show while up on the stage before class.


they are made with Luon, Interlock Power Luxtreme, and mesh materials.  click to see how to take care of these fabrics and increase their lifespan.


the Journey Crops are certainly Fit Foodie Le APPROVED!  in every color ;)

monday motivation:

photo (2)

everyone who lost a fairy large amount of weight did so by adding in some form of physical activity.

even if it was a little bit, the fact that they were more active definitely contributed to their weight loss efforts.

what helps you stay consistent is finding something you enjoy!

trial and error. run. do yoga. dance. twerk. walk. bike. skip. jump. sprint. swim. ski. kickbox. jog. try it all.

just get up.

get active.

get moving.


date nite

it's friday night and i'm not cooking, nope.  Sonny suggested sushi, so we headed to one of our fav spots- Sushihaha!

Sonny slurping his miso soup.

i don't know what in the world is in that miso salad dressing but it is the BOMB! they serve their salads chilled- it makes a big difference in the fresh factor of the veggies. i got double salad instead of soup and salad this time. it's sooooo good. and plus, the sodium in the miso soup bloats me to oblivion!

first thing out- a gigantic volcano of combo fried rice.  these serving sizes are somethin else, aren't they!? it's best to scoop out a few portions, and pack the rest up.  if food is sitting out in front of me (e.g. that darn bread basket) then i'm more likely to pick off of it til it's all gone.  sometimes it's as simple as outta sight outta mind.

ever  had a fried chicken roll? well we hadn't either til we found this place (thanks CC & Tristen!!!).  Sonny also chose the shaggy dog roll (shrimp tempura).

i got the salmon teryaki bento box.  all this food for only 14 bucks! it used to come with one roll, but they dropped it for some reason:( anyway, it's still filling with the soup, salad and all.  got the sauce on the side, you already know.  i normally order brown rice, but i didn't want any since i ate some of Sonny's rolls.  the veggies usually come fried, but i ask for steamed.  always customize your meal to your liking- never hurts to ask for other options. after all, you're paying for it.

instead of my usual green tea ice cream for dessert, i wanted fro-yo.  an Orange Leaf was just built not to far from our house, yesssssssss!

i love this place and their cool, retro decor!

this camera makes my portion size look seriously small!! crazy! i totally had more than what it looks like. heck i think i sampled more than i put in my bowl anyway.  i sampled their banana fro-yo, but it tasted like laffy taffy.  brownie batter was great, but i ended up with a little bit of their birthday cake flavor + some vanilla, sprinkled it with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

the only pic i took that night came out blurry. you're the best, hubby!

killed it.  there are three bowls here because my big brother came to join us. good times.

what night of the week is your 'date night' usually on?