look, ma! i'm (kinda) on TV + every meal is a choice

the Sprouts Farmers Market #plantbasedgetaway blogger trip i went on this past june (recap right here!) opened my eyes to even more awesome plant-based products! i also did a blog post on some of my fave items out right now as well as why i’m even dairy-free in case ya missed it. Sprouts is doing a fabtastic job of keeping up with all these new goodies, whew!

if you remember from my recap (cause you read it, riiiiight:) ), i left a lil’ earlier than the other blogger gals from our very last service event to go shoot some cool in-store videos. what an honor that was!!! i was super nervous, but more than anything i wanted to give it my very best effort and make myself, family, and supporters proud. i also just wanted to get my lines right sooner than later so i wouldn’t hold the camera crew hostage all morning. lol. the time flew by and they were super-duper encouraging and made me feel so comfortable. i did walk away feeling excited and truly anticipating the final cut! welp, friends, the wait is OVA! see them both below and please tell me what you think!

before i left our botanical gardens event, i grabbed some of the goodies they so graciously provided for us including one of those blueberry muffin Lara Bars.


now, if you’ve been rockin’ with me a while, you know i always prefer real food over bars, shakes, etc. in fact, i've seen Lara Bars while shopping several times and never really paid them any mind.


well, i had plenty of time to get more acquainted with my snack as i waited for my flight in the phoenix airport!


the bar was pretty yummy, but what stood out to me most was the minimal amount of everyday, recognizable ingredients listed on the wrapper. i remember thinking, “that’s it??”. the bars are vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. when it comes to nutrition with my kiddos, i don't believe in depriving them. why? cause i don’t deprive myself. i know at some point or another (usually at school eating lunch with their friends or at weekend birthday parties) they come in contact with the snacks i grew up eating (candy bars, lollipops, chips, cookies, soda, etc.) and those things are fine only on occasion. however, you won’t find any of those things in our pantry at home 99% of the time. i show them that there are so many other healthier, fulfilling ways to snack, and i also want them to eventually see how their little bodies respond to the foods they eat. i know that might take a while… it did for me. but hopefully the light bulb comes on way sooner than later! it’s important that i:

  • (1) practice what i preach concerning my own food choices

  • (2) introduce an abundance of variety of both healthier homemade and store-bought food/snacks and have them available as often as possible

  • (3) send them away with the knowledge (how to read nutrition labels, ingredients, buzz & key words to look for or avoid) and the nutrition they need to be at their best whatever type of environment they find themselves in (athletic, academic, social, etc.)

i’m an 80/20 gal and sometimes i’ll eat that candy bar! let’s be real here! more often than not though, i’ll choose the Lara Bar (OR the fresh fruit, OR a healthier, equivalent option) to satisfy my sweet tooth because it’s going to make me ——>FEEL<—— better later, physically and mentally.

there’s a time and place for both!

healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. we love to inspire, educate, and empower every person to eat healthier and live a better life.
— Sprouts Farmers Market

my boys love to take the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough variety in their school lunches, and they are the perfect, naturally sweetened after-school homework fuel.

Ko-ko loves them too but does NOT like to share (we’re still in the, “No!” stage)!! she actually has a peanut allergy that we are hoping magically goes away (ugh) so i’m glad this 4 ingredient variety we love so much is made with cashews.

I just love chatting with you guys via IG Stories!!! it is seriously always a good time in there, hahaha! whether i take a poll, ask a question, or just share my heart, you guys always respond or participate. means so much to me.

keep up with Lara Bar & Sprouts via IG!

Q: are you a ‘bar’ person? what’s your fave Lara Bar flavor?

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