Blessed #7: Happy Birthday Munachiso!

how... did....weeeeeeeeeee GET HERE!? sheesh.


i try my hardest to remember life during Chiso's newborn days.  we had a big memory card #fail back then that hurts to even think about, but i cherish the few pictures we have left with all my heart.  most of them are from facebook!  ya know, back when people actually made photo albums, ha.  these past 7 years of parenthood have been a beautiful blur, and there are countless memories we experienced that made time stand still.


 that's our miracle baby number one right there!  Sonny and i actually found a 3D ultrasound photo recently and had absolutely no idea which child it was. Sonny guessed wrong twice in a row, rotfl

kids are such natural posers.  i overthink everything and end up looking uncomfortably awkward in my mind every time. i'd say he's got the, "gaze off into the distance at absolutely nothing" pose down. #1stAttempt

our little ewoks!  Chiso wanted a Star Wars themed party so i scooped him up for some solo time and to pick out his birthday fit (i linked all my finds below, keep reading!). after we found the goods, i immediately started looking for another SW shirt for Odego but Chiso stopped me in my tracks and said, "i want him to wear the same shirt as me."  that touched my heart right on the spot!  especially since there were absolutely no more black and white SW shirts in the entire building, whew.  Dego was so proud to be sporting the same shirt as his big bro. y'all have no idea. 

he might outgrow my lap, but he’ll never outgrow my heart.


i chose Planet WOW! to host Chiso's party after a quick google search and an OK from Sonny. I just wanted someone else to handle, well, everything this year lol.   i know the innanets can be deceiving, but other than a few minor details upon arriving (i'm going to leave a review for sure), i was pleased overall.  besides (and most important), Chiso had the time of his lil' life!  he hugged my neck tightly as i tucked him in that night and thanked me/us for the party.  

you can see some of our videos from the party on my IG highlights!


after playing for about 1.5 hours straight, it was pizza tiiiime.


we tried to get a pic super quick before Kosi went rogue on Chiso's lap.


thank you to the family and friends who came and helped Chiso celebrate his big day!  we love you all and appreciated your presence. 

reflecting on the fun he had through his tired lil' eyes.

out before we even hit the highway.  that baby didn't even have the strength to suck his two favorite fingers.


even in a galaxy far, far away, you could still hear us. #allthesekids #loudhouse #goodtimes

check out our party gear above; isn't Kosi's shift dress incredibly adorable!? 

 happy birthday to our Munachiso-oooooo!!!