what time is it?


and it's FOOD.  i'm down if you are.

latortillaaLa Tortilla Factory Light Flour Tortillas are hot, hot, HOT.  so hot, they are hardly ever in stock at my Sprouts when i go.  but this ain't about me!  it's about YOU and your tortilla needs. cause you really, really need these tortillas.

so i've partnered up with La Tortilla Factory again cause i wanna put these guys in your life. again.


these large, 80 calorie, full of fiber, low carb tortillas are awesome for wraps, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and apparently ---->POPTARTS<---.  homemade, healthy poptarts of course.  sweet OR savory!

with this whole Instagram poptart craze going on,

image (2)

 wouldn't you like to get your hands on some?

make you some of my homemade strawberry chia jam and you are well on your way!  or you can make some bbq shrimp pineapple quesadillas (recipe in Fit Foodie Lean!)


they are also holding a fun, edible art contest with some NICE prizes to win via Facebook right now as well.  i got my eyes on that Williams and Sonoma gift card.  oooh the things i would buy...

SO, how do you win 5 packs of these babies?

you know i keeps it simple- comment on this very post and tell me just what the heck you're gonna make with them if you win!



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share away below and GOOD LUCK FIT FOODIES!


Sprouts Farmers Market *KATY*


that is HILARIOUS cause you know it's true!!!!  however this is also how stuff gets lost. forever.

IMG_20130328_085137i made Chiso some lemon-blueberry french toast Thursday morning that i cannot stop thinking about!  we will prolly have it for Easter breakfast tomorrow too.  this recipe will certainly be in the Fit Foodie Le ebook, and the nutritional stats are bananas! see? 156 cals, 3g fat, 6g fiber, 21g carbs, and 10 grams of protein! and yep for the whole she-bang.  2 slices of bread and all the toppings.

what Easter dish will you be making?


it's HEEEEERE!!! so i've been seeing the back of this building for MONTHS and had no earthy idea that it would be home to Sprouts Katy.  it's in the same lot as one of my gyms so you know what that means :lol: .  i literally pulled out of the gym parking lot, turned on my gps, and she made me turn right back in. #blondemoment!  anyway, the  future frequent trips won't do crazy damage  cause these prices.... WOW.  i was blown away.


something tells me these aren't just grand opening prices either!  you can even go to their website and print out your own coupons before hand.  also, Lifetime Fitness members get 5 dollars off their total bill at this location! not sure how long that lasts, but you can login to the Lifetime website and print out that coupon yourself too.


we walked through the doors and immediately went left to the bread section.  i found these new, 80 calorie light flour tortillas by La Tortilla Factory and i was not thinking straight and only got one package.  they were amazing and i have so many recipes for these guys!


i didn't take a pic of EVERYTHING this time lol, just a few landscape type shots.  the store isn't too big and i kinda like it that way. i go in HEB and get lost for hours but since everything is so close together in here, i'm in and out. i appreciate that.


sample mode ON.


just taking a peek! didn't grab any THIS time, but i'm glad to see they have multiple Arctic Zero flavors instead of just maple vanilla.  AND they have those 85 cal bars too!


we visited every single department (trust me).  the produce section was nothing short of amazing cause again, those prices! best i've ever seen. anyway, this was our last stop before heading to check out. popcorn!  i planned on getting a bag of Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn and i was eyeing the bacon ranch flavor too until i saw these:


really now? olive oil, parmesan & garlic, and sea salt flavors.  awesomeness!  i'm on my second bag of parmesan garlic in 3 days. it's good.


first Sprouts shopping trip is a wrap!


one mo landscape shot at the front registers.


one of the kindest sales associates brought Chiso a cup of gummy bears while we waited! that was extremely nice of him.




got another free grand opening grocery bag to add to my collection.  great experience, great store, and we will TOTALLY be back! a lot.


i got outta there with some good stuff- Justin's nut butters were 79 cents instead of the usual 99, cuties were just 3 bucks for that big crate, the cherry tomatoes were a whopping ONE dollar each, strawberries and blueberries were 2 for 3, and those bags of mini peppers were 2 for 5. yessssss!

i immediately whipped out those tortillas and went to work on these grilled chicken burritos.


alfalfa sprouts, tomato, grilled chicken, and homemade guac all rolled up.


the next day, Good Friday, we did an early family gym date.  we made grilled quesadillas  for our post workout meal this time!  Sprouts pineapples salsa and greek yogurt for dipping on the side.

and for dessert....


how did those get in there?

HAPPY EASTER, y'all!!!