1 month out

less than 1 month away.

show suit? done.  themewear?  being worked on and almost done.  there is still so much more to do, ESPECIALLY posing practice.  most of the rest will be knocked out the week of the show though.  hair, nails, waxing, tanning ...girl stuff.


142 lbs

11% body fat

my cardio hours are gettin on up there... i'm at 9+ a week.  i like to do a little every day- that works for me.  however i know some competitors who can't get to the gym as often as they like and will do double or triple duty at once. omg!  i would hate to do it that way...but i would if i had to.  shows just how much determination they have to reach their goals though.  super admirable.

i'm having VIVID dreams about the things i plan to eat after the show.  i woke up earlier this week dreaming i was stuffing a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing into my mouth.  it was so real.  however my sugar cravings are actually under control and don't bother me anymore.  i still want the fatty, greasy stuff though, and i will be having papa johns as one of my post comp meals!!! i went to my sis-in-law's graduation dinner last night (CONGRATS MICHELLE, OTC!!!!!!) and the food looked and smelled absolutely wonderful.  see?

there were egg rolls...

there was cheese dip...

can't have dip without chips...

and BREAD.


all within arms reach.

my bro ordered somethin i'd prolly get myself- a cheese stuffed portabella mushroom topped chicken breast.  FOODGASM.  however, i wouldn't have gotten double potatoes for sides. who does that!?

 i ate my meal in the car on the way and that helped tremendously.

i will NOT be messing these abs up.  YOU HEAR ME!? i'm screaming at that nightmare cupcake, not you.

that's all i got. i'm tired. night.