let's get busy #TuesdayTip



i am at a place in my life where i'm sick of my own excuses.  this is a good thing. this is a great thing. cause when you get fed up and sick and tired of going around the same ol' mountain (thanks, Heather Lindsey <3 ) then that's usually when it's (past due) time to GET UP & do something about it.  it's time to work.  it's no secret that the gym is my happy place.. but sometimes (often times) i find myself running /escaping there to avoid doing the things i know i need to be doing.  the things God has called me to do because He wants His plan for my life to be executed properly.  i have about 2 kabillion hopes, plans, and dreams for my blog, my family, our fitness companies & endeavors, etc. etc. etc........ lest i forget that shoes don't walk by themselves. things don't happen unless you get up make them happen.  pray fervently (James 5:16) but don't just sit there....move.  we (yep, YOU and i) have so much work to do!!!  God has plans and a purpose for everyone.

committing to a 14 week-long bikini competition training? sure, let's do it.  committing to hit the gym 6-7 days a week (yes, even at 5:30am)? done.  committing to eating low-no processed foods and an overall clean diet daily? been there, done that, still doing it.  however, i want to apply and execute the same kind of commitment to many other areas of my life.... and i'm not. cause i'm scared.  my mind often overflows with, "what if" this and "what if" that....  but how long will i stand in my own way and let this go on?  will i wake up at age 50 with regret after regret after regret?  will i half do my tasks, never giving 100% thus never truly seeing the full, ripest fruits of my labor? i have so many questions. too many. but i'm tired. tired of hearing my own voice rambling away in my head.  i'm ready to start doing.


let's get busy, yall! oh, and here's today's vlog :)


you are NOT behind!



how bout this facelift though?! guys...i kept coming back to my blog over and over again in the last month or so and i could never shake this feeling of discontentment. something just wasn't right. it was too dark. it was off. it haunted me every single time i attempted to post. i had to fix it, and i had to fix it with the quickness.  i did NOT want to have to take my blog down again for maintenance so i did a one-hitta-quitta sorta thing and knocked it out all at once.  i googled and youtubed my face off let me tell you... it was worth every tear i shed that night. or morning, or whatever! i didn't stop until i LOVED it.


  this guy kept me company before he conked out for the night though!  i REALLY, really hope you like the new look as much as we do. and if so, well let ya girl know below then!

on to the next issue lol,

i am instagramming waaaay faster than i am blogging these days and i don't like it one bit. so many new recipes, not enough time!!!!  or is there?  IGing is easy. takes what, 2 secs tops to make a post sometimes, right?  but blogging takes work. blogging takes time. time i have to pull outta thin air sometimes.  when people ask me for advice about starting a blog i tell them to treat it just like a job.... cause that's exactly what it is.  and uuuuh, i need more one on one time with my boss right about now!   fitfoodiele.com is my baby.  and just like my real life babies, i want it to grow, flourish, and be the best it can possibly be.    unfortunately, social media keeps me distracted way more than it should.  when i give Him less of my time...suddenly i have no time for anything else. we've been through this already though, right!  in short, change is coming, friends. again. time to refocus, turn down the world, and listen for His voice.  Heather Lindsey's post are often right on time for me and her words below encouraged me greatly. follow her!


today still matters!  every day matters.  your attitude is everything, especially when things aren't going your way.  heart & faith check, indeed.  i do hope this inspires you to prioritize your time better and focus on the things that are important to Him.  that's what matters most and what we should be focused on in the first place!  remember, if you are on His time, you will NEVER be 'behind' or 'late', so don't ever feel pressured to keep up, especially with someone else.  stay focused yall.  food posts are lined UP, yall get ready!