6 days to go

6 days to go until my 10k and how about i didn't run AT ALL last week.  i am the worst when it comes to training for my races, goodness.  it rained all day friday and saturday, but sunday we woke up to the exact opposite.  i got suited up and did my 7 miles- so glad that's over with.

i need to invest in one of those arm band thingies for my ipod.  i always feel like it's going to drop but it hasn't yet.  i got my hair permed thursday, so after two days off lol, it's time to sweat.  i did the best i could and wrapped it before my run. i sweat in my head and there is really nothing i can do about that:(

leaving my head uncovered and pinning my hair down so my head can breathe has been working for me so far.

i wear the headband to help my headphones/ear plugs (whatever they are called ) stay put.  when i get sweaty, they tend to pop out and mess up my run flow.

however it does a number on my edges. sigh...i'll find a solution to this someday.  what do you do with you hair when you exercise? advice please!

anyway here are some trainings:

5K - quick

5K - long term

10K - quick

10K - long term

you get a free jar of HEB's holy pasole when you buy the tortilla soup.  so i had two jars waiting to be used.  we have company coming over a little later so i made another one of their featured recipes:

i did healthify this up as best i could- i used 93/7% lean ground turkey, only 1 package of corn bread, and 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese.

there was plenty of corn bread to cover the top btw...didn't miss it.  ok i did miss it.  man i love cornbread.

done after 20-25 min.

aaaaaaaaand we're off to another 1st birthday party- they'll be plenty of those coming up this year including our little guy's big day!!