10 things about motherhood


just a few things i noticed.

1. it put some hair on my chest

be beautiful inside and out. but stand up for yourself

before kiddos,  if i were standing in line at the store and someone clearly and blatantly cut in front of me, i'd start questioning myself  with thoughts like (key word: thoughts. i wouldn't have said a thing.), 'were they already standing here before i walked up and are just getting back in line? did anybody else just see what just happened? *looks around* is this a Vine prank?' and i'd conclude it all with, 'eh, they only have two items so it's really not that serious.' and let it go.

after kiddos, HA. automatic verbal response and neither one of us are checking out until we get to the bottom of things. don't get me wrong, i still do my best to approach life's situations with a WWJD mentality, no doubt.  however, i can say that becoming a mother has created the desire to both stand up and speak up for myself way more than i ever have in my entire life.  that said, i'm also no longer guilted by or afraid to use the word 'No'.

 2. we are imperfection at its finest 


 we take 99 pictures and we can't frame 1. every time.

3. i can't sleep when baby sleeps. i don't want to sleep when baby sleeps. nothing will get done if i sleep when baby sleeps!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.19.02 AM

 4. tmi? haha. you're funny.


i can remember Sonny and i as first time parents at home with Chiso and experiencing our very first exploding diaper. we looked at each other like 'OMG, what was that noise??' and had a hearty laugh after discovering the source.  yeah, they are funny and adorable in the beginning, right. then they start happening out in public, when you're in a rush and in the process of leaving the house and already running late, on the couch you just had steamed cleaned, and all over you.  afterwards you just want to cut them out of their outfit no matter how expensive or adorable it was and trash it.

5. i'm a closet control freak

most days, it's a complete internal struggle for me not to finish a puzzle Chiso and i are working on myself, go back and sprinkle the cheese evenly across his pizza, or maintain my composure when he could give a flying flip about coloring inside the lines.  letting him do things in his own way and ultimately be a kid requires turning my impatient-perfectionist meter down a couple notches.

6. watching them communicateCYMERA_20141017_225023

Chiso spoke to Dego more than i did while he was in my belly.   Dego's little face and eyes light UP and his feet start kicking a billion miles an hour at the sound of Chiso's voice.  it's indescribable and so heartwarming to watch.  we'll see how fond they are of each other after they start rooming together. lol.

7. interruptions, interruptions, interruptions

most days, my to-do lists take for-e-ver to complete cause kiddo A is ready to play when kiddo B goes down for a nap, kiddo A is hungry again after eating 20 minutes ago,  kiddo B's diaper explodes, or kiddo A wants to read his fave book right right then, etc., etc., etc... they just keep coming!  no matter what my agenda says, these guys have their own. how do i deal? i simply thank God for enabling me to meet their every little need (after i calm down. lol). that always puts things in perspective for me. i could be somewhere else, and they could be under someone else's care.  however, they are my little labors of love that i don't take for granted.   interruptions during my workouts used to irritate the heck outta me.  pet peeve of the year award right there.  now?  if i'm taking a class at the gym i pretty much set my equipment up as close to the door as possible so the child care members can spot me immediately.  that way, i can just sneak out without causing a big commotion.  sometimes no matter how much i prepare (clean diaper, full-fat fed & burped), randomness knocks and mama's gotta answer.

If I have been blessed with children, I have to surrender myself wholeheartedly to my role of being a mother after God's design.

8. no more mommy judgement. ever.

that look i shot the mom on the plane with the screaming, irate infant a few years ago? i take it back wholeheartedly. i'm sorry, girl, wherever you are.  i just didn't know. i just...didn't....know.

9. emotional roller coaster


my hormones will never be the same. some days my cup runneth over. some days i want to smash the cup to the floor into a million little pieces and let somebody else clean it up.  what a ride! but being a mother has given my life so much purpose and countless lessons.  having to witness both boys get their vaccinations tore me apart like nobody's business.  i used to be that person sitting in the movie theater with eyes as dry as cotton while everyone around me bawls uncontrollably.  i mean it's fiction for crying out loud!!!   now?  i feel the tears welling up and there's absolutely nothing i can do to stop them.  who am i!?

10. cuddle buddies


 time is fleeting. i'm cherishing their little hugs, giggles, smiles and taking a billion pictures and videos along the way.  with so much going on in this world daily it makes me just want to love on them that much more and remember to enjoy our moments while we're in them.

your turn! list 5 or more things you learned and/or love about motherhood.


p.s. i'll be updating my blog, finally!!  i'm not going anywhere guys but fitfoodiele.com will be down for maintenance at some point in the next few days and will resume.... ASAP.  thanks for your patience and i know you'll love the new look ;)