posing camp

i picked up my show shoes friday during my lunch hour and had my first encounter with Cindie's Lingerie.

always seen it, never been inside. :shock:

taking pics from my truck, LOL

i found'em.  however,  the only pair left in my size had clearly been worn and damaged.  there are no refunds or exchanges, so i wanted and expected a brand new pair!  i was sent to another location to pick up the shoe and long story short, i was given the platform version of what i needed and didn't realize this until i got to camp:(  that was SO my bad for not checking in the box first.  i couldn't understand how or why my feet suddenly stopped working.  i could barely make a turn without toppling over and i was pretty embarrassed.  well, this has since been corrected- i went back to Cindie's after camp and got the right pair.  i have been walking and posing all around my house in these things to make up for lost time!!  practice, practice, practice.

immediately before camp saturday morning,  i got my workout in with Travis, my trainer.  so, i had to go two more hours on my feet after going to war with him and the weights.

getting in some much needed ab work.  stability balls are GREAT for your core.

it's over. finally.

i brought my breakfast with me of course and snuck it in right before we started.  you already know what it is!!

this is the woman right here- Christine Anderson, my posing coach.  here she is introducing herself at the beginning of camp.

i met some excellent, down to earth former and future participants.


 i am definitely in good hands.  Christine's work speaks for itself and she possesses such a sweet, humble spirit.  she has had amazing success in this industry and i'm soaking up all the info i can from her.  Christine's husband below, Charles (l), is a retired competitor with several trophies under his belt as well.  what a team!

i met several ladies competing for the first time and we excitedly exchanged numbers to keep in contact during the coming weeks and beyond.  i also met JC Shivers- he shared with me how stepping onto his first stage just last May and winning several consecutive shows since then has completely changed his life.

i am just inspired every which way i turn in this process!  i'm holding onto every positive piece of advice and fueling my fire with the negative.

pressing forward with 11 weeks til show time!