'starting over'

reset so my blog was down for a hot second recently!  every night i went to bed and it was not up and running (bout 7 days straight) it put me in a pretty big funk that only got funkier.  nevertheless, we're almost back up and running and are sitting at about 85%.  switching hosts is not as simple as i thought it would be. or actually the process is not complicated, but nothing ever really goes as flawless and seamless as you see it play out it in your mind.  that's how things go in my world, anyway! some things have changed for the better (the layout, menu options) but some have done the opposite (my social media share buttons for every post were all  reset to 0, comment count was set to 0, and 1/4 of my data (old blog posts, pictures, etc) never even made it over to my new home after i imported them). total. bummer. which means i have to pull those blog posts (about 100 or so) over by hand until they're all here. soooo, if a link doesn't work, that doesn't mean it's gone forever! just give me a few days to get this thing together.  thank you for your continued support, patience, and feedback!