souped up canned soup

some days i work from home and i have to find time for lunch somewhere in between the job and taking care of my little guy. today i went in the pantry and found some tasty but boring black bean soup.

i love and recommend Amy's products, but remember, just because something is organic, natural, or any other deceptive word companies try to blind you with, that doesn't mean it's HEALTHY and/or good for you.  the info is right there for you to look at- just turn it around and read that label. yes, especially in the store before you spend your money on it.

i always watch my portion sizes.  1 cup of soup is around 140 calories.  however, you see that there are 'about 2' servings.  so do the math and yep, that's almost 300 calories.  300 calories is actually a small lunch for me, so i have no problem eating the entire can.  but remember though, if you double the calories, you double everything else!  1500mg of salt is the minimum needed to support all physical functions. that's 1240mg for one can of soup and this is not even close to my last meal of the day.  too much salt makes me bloat like crazy, so i try to keep my intake fairly low.

so, how do i enjoy this soup and get full from just one serving?  throw some other stuff in there. but not just any stuff, fresh veggies and/or protein of course.

turns out  i didn't have any cooked chicken breast or ground turkey ready, but i did have tomatoes, cilantro, and my fav cheese.  then i looked in the freezer and found some frozen corn. perfect.  be creative though- you can do spinach, zucchini, broccoli.. the list goes on.

i added half an apple and some wheat thins and chowed down.

back to work!