remember when

lazy Sunday today!

for these two, anyway!  we always look forward to those...when we can get them.

i had to hit the gym though as usual and did legs/lower body and 1 hour of fat burning cardio. also,  i didn't skip abs this time! with 9 weeks left i can't afford to skip a THING anyway.  but they are finally starting to show.  a little.  but not enough.

 i did some TRX-like exercises using a yoga ball, a medicine ball, and then some planks on the floor among other things.  my abs post should be up next though, bear with me.

we did some grocery shopping after early service this morning at Sams and got a few things:

fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, spinach, chicken breasts, wheat bagels,  pistachios, and some apple juice.  i dove right into our lunch/dinner prep for the next few days when we got home.  the prep work ALWAYS makes the time in btw my meals go by faster, so i take my sweet time and enjoy myself.

i roasted a few sweet potatoes, seasoned and baked some of the chicken breasts, cooked a crap load of brown rice lol, and put my scale to work.

yesterday, Sonny and i attended a 30th birthday pool party for a friend of ours that was held on campus at the University of Houston rec center, our alma mater.


 afterwards, we got a chance to take a trip down memory lane.  as our 5th wedding anniversary approaches, it was the perfect timing for the chance to visit our old stomping grounds.  we don't come to this side of town for, well, anything anymore!  so, we took advantage.  AND we were Chiso-less for a little bit at that!

still standing!  our dorm- Moody Towers, South Tower.

North Tower is to the right, South Tower to the left, both 17 floors high.  they are joined together by the lounge just through those doors.

in the lounge being random.

we spent many a sleepless night playing dominoes, cards, laughing, eating, and hanging out down here.

we journeyed into the 'gym' that was once a computer lab to snap a pic.  i was sitting in this very space 12 years ago when Sonny offered me a slice of pizza which i politely turned down!  i accepted later out of pity :roll:

couldn't get past the south tower desk security (boooooooo) but the north tower was empty!  however, the elevator was broken, so we didn't get far.

 one last shot.  tons of things have changed around one point i wanted to just let out a humongous cry.  i felt tears welling up inside after being overwhelmed with emotional memories of our years on campus. WHEW :shock: 13 years + 1 Chiso later, we are simply blessed.  Glory to God for almost 5 years of marriage!!!!!

    on the flip side, i am super happy and proud to see our tuition and alumni money being put to outstanding use.  everywhere, and i mean everywhere we turned, there was a new building.  TONS of construction going on and more improvements in progress all across the campus. great stuff, UH.

have an outstanding start of this new we go!