q: are you pregnant? why are you still taking prenatal pills? a: nope, it's cause i'm breastfeeding.  even if i wasn't, i'd still be taking them though.  prenatal vitamins are more so for the mom to ensure she is getting enough nutrients while breastfeeding.  baby will get the proper amount via the breast milk, although some will pass through via breastfeeding anyhow.  win-win for both parties. 1 year was my minimum goal, and i'm almost 9 months in.

per my OB, 'postpartum health is extremely important- you've got a baby to take care of'.  good nutrition can make the difference in the quality of your breast milk and how quickly your body recovers after child birth.  to ensure that mom and baby continue to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for ultimate health, keep poppin those prenatals.