Praise & Pilates Fall 2019

last week was a lil’ wet- it rained for like 5 or 6 days straight and my boys’ school even shut down Friday. tropical depression Imelda did NOT come to play! despite the weather, Praise & Pilates Fall 2019 kicked off a week ago🙌🏽!


man. i cannot believe this is my 3rd semester leading this small group. getting up in front of people really does get easier the more you do it. i remember being TERRIFIED for the very first session. like i was so nervous I was shaking !! this time, i still had butterflies, but i was genuinely excited to meet the new (and reconnect with a few ladies from the previous semesters) mamas and get the semester crackin’. this semester we are reading and discussing devotionals from Pressing Pause ! i did a ton of research concerning which devotional to go with because I truly wanted it to resonate and inspire spiritual change in the ladies. a few of my goals for P&P:

  1. ensure moms understand the importance of making time to spend with the Lord every day and navigating how to incorporate him into all areas of their lives

  2. spiritual growth through the devotionals and scriptures we discuss

  3. increase in physical core & total body strength through Pilates practices

  4. ensure moms understand the importance of making time for self-care, filling their bodies with nutritious foods, and taking care of their temples

as usual, i brought snacks to the very first class! here’s what we munched on:

  • dry roasted, unsalted almonds & cashews

  • cashew queso

  • low sodium popcorn

  • pretzel thins

  • fresh green grapes

  • homemade guacamole

  • 2 bite brownies (boxed brownies made in a mini muffin pan)

  • hint water

i cannot believe that i planned on bringing snacks to EVERY class for the first semester of P&P. like what?! i found myself worrying way more about the food than the Word unfortunately. creating a snack list so that everyone could participate was ultimately a huge weight off of my shoulders.

they braved the rain! looking forward to growing with these ladies.

we’ve got a newly postpartum mom with us this semester who hung on as long as she could while preggo last semester! what an answered prayer her sweet baby girl is! pilates is AMAAAZING for rebuilding core strength after you’ve had a baby; i’m excited to watch them both progress.


Kosi LOVED the cashew queso dip so much! i can’t believe how low calorie it is for a 2 tbsp serving. it’s vegan, gluten-free, and made with all recognizable, pronounceable ingredients. have you tried it?

as promised, here is our Praise & Pilates Fall 2019 playlist!

what are your favorite Praise & Worship songs to listen to? what else should we add?? tell me below!

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