pack it up

after a big grocery shopping trip, the fun really begins.  i pack lunch for Sonny and i at least 4 times a week.  to maintain a healthy diet overall, preparing your own meals will always be the way to go.  it's cheaper, you eat cleaner, and it's superior for weight loss and maintenance vs. eating out.  you are in complete control. i prepare the lunches the night before so we can grab them and go in the mornings.

get your lunches together right after dinner if there is any left.  excuse our messy fridge:)

it's still there, i know.

i shoot for a satisfying 400-600 calories for lunch.  too little calories and i'm searching for more food within the hour.  too many calories and i'm napping at my desk afterwards.  an ideal, balanced lunch should provide a mixture of vitamins, minerals, fat, carbs, and lean protein.

i normally stick to 1 serving of each:

  • 1 lean protein
  • 1 healthy fat
  • 1 low starch veggie
  • 1 starch (can be another veggie or a whole grain bread product)
  • 1-2 snacks (one mid-morning and one post lunch)
  • something sweet and small...yep, everyday.

 gotta have snacks. always. my favs:

mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios), fresh fruit, veggies w/ hummus dip, plain greek yogurt (0%, 2%), cottage cheese, babybel cheese wedges, wheat thins, special K crackers, fiber one bars, fresh popcorn, turkey jerky. need more? check her out- ideas GALORE.

what i packed for Sonny today:

  • lean protein - baked tilapia
  • veggies/low starches - kidney beans & corn/cilantro/tomato salad
  • starch - yellow rice (could really do without)
  • snacks- 1 tangelo & 1 banana
  • pre-workout snack - handful of almonds
  • dessert - 3 oreos (hey, he works hard)

 sometimes i run outta food and have even gone to take a peek inside that horrible, horrible thing- the vending machine.  and if you're hungry enough and off your game, you might let something like this entice you:

 i did a double take that day!  what tha? don't do it.

as of late though, the vending machine has been getting a gradual makeover-  i walked past the one in my building just last week and was THRILLED to see these:

pistachios!! great choice.  right in btw the candy bars, haha. i've also seen fiber one bars too, nice.  choose wisely and read the label- you know the drill.  sometimes it's all you have to work with though- understandable.  running outta food is one thing, but skipping lunch is unacceptable.  your blood sugar level plummets and you become irritable and sluggish.  ALWAYS make time for lunch!!