my how you've changed


not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, i get that. if your goal is weight loss/maintenance though, this applies to you too.

real quick:

  i tweeted a pic of my breakfast earlier this week:

yep, that's it.  until my trainer says otherwise, this is what it'll be!  oats, egg whites, fruit, and green tea.  i was eating this for bfast already, so no big change there.  and also no need to tweet that over and over again, boring.  i had to cut out my beloved brown sugar for now, but i've been adding the bananas, a splash of vanilla, and cinnamon to my oats and i don't miss it.


i've been sticking to my new diet for a little over a week now and amongst a handful of changes, here are the 4 you should know about:

1. there has been a nice surge in my milk production outta no where.  take note, b-feeding mommies.  and again, this was just from dropping white sugar/processed foods, and eating healthy, well-balanced meals alone.  that's it.  i was hit with Mastitis twice last year, once in each breast.  the first time i was prescribed penicillin which got rid of it, but my production really suffered.  talk about emotional- i was terrified it would dry up completely and it scared me enough to turn to natural supplements, e.g. fenugreek.   i was also downing mother's milk tea all day long and doing everything i could to save my liquid gold.  i see now that i didn't even have to go to such great lengths.  if you put premium fuel into your body, expect it to run and operate at its best, simply put.

2. my wedding ring is loose.  i've lost a few inches (mainly in my waist/hips) and i'm tighter and firmer all over.  my workouts have remained the same for now,  so again, this only proves that your diet is A REALLY BIG DEAL, yall!!  as annoying as they are, there's a reason J-Hud is singing all over your tv screen in those WW commercials *eye-roll*.  remember  i conducted that little experiment this past April two weeks before my birthday? no sugar (only from fruit) or processed foods.   i got similar results then too, but my diet was not nearly as strict as it is now and the results are pretty fantastic.  i kept on snacking after my bday passed, well, just cause i can. lol.   you don't have to go cold turkey, but drinking soda twice a week instead of once a day WILL make a difference over time.

3.  my sugar craving levels have dropped from uncontrollable to mild.  i honestly can't remember a time when i didn't  crave sugar, especially following a meal.  this is a new feeling; one i didn't think existed for me.  will i eat a donut if you put it right down in front of me?  maybe.  prolly.  but this time it feels more like, 'yeah i see it.. i'll get some if i want some though.'  very empowering.  also, my attitude is not as crappy these days :)

4. **tmi** helloooooooooo regularity!  no detail needed.  Chiso is regular too now though- bless his heart and our noses.  this feels like a junk food detox.  i see that processed foods can really back up your plumbing.  that's prolly cause they're NOT NATURAL.  you think?  or maybe they started out natural, but fillers, hormones, preservatives, and other stuff we can't pronounce were added.  sad situation.

my food scale has arrived!

i'm honestly considering re-selling this thing after the competition is over (although it might not be my last;)) cause weighing my food is just not crucial for everyday life.  i'll stick with this nifty chart.

25 bucks on

i hope you've had an amazing week so far!

tell me, what's the first small change will you implement in your diet?