it's a choice

i'm focusing on the positives of this journey.  i have to. i usually feel like quitting just before my next meal when i'm at my weakest and hungry.  i think of every excuse in the book not to go through with this thing during those moments. :-| so, i choose to focus on what makes me happy, and not sulk over the fact that i can't eat any of my fav foods right now.  i've been told over and over again that this is a mental process.  mind over matter.

 although food prep is A LOT of darn work, the whole process of preparing, balancing, and piecing our meals together lifts my spirits every single time.  my heart belonged to the kitchen before i started on my bodybuilding journey, and thankfully that won't change.  i just can't pick off of and snack on everything like i used to!

1 oz of this, two cups of that...

my big bro and his appetite came over to watch the game last night.  he opened the fridge and was transported to Le Fit Foods for a second.   because i already have our food portioned perfectly and ready to go in the fridge, that = no leftovers.  i got rid of or gave away all the tempting snack food we usually eat, so i knew i would have to cook up something from scratch for him.

hello, spaghetti, my long time friend.  i used 85/15 ground turkey (it's cheaper and he could use the fat anyway lol), fresh tomatoes, a little canned garlic and herb sauce (will make my own in the future- YES i am now too good for canned sauce),  cilantro, onions, and garlic.  and i added a little something special to my sauce- have you tried this flavor yet?!

it has a smoky taste and makes the sauce so creamy.

i'm glad i ate my own dinner first- it smelled darn good.

i  served it over some whole wheat pasta.  who won the game? i went to bed :lol: