Sonny and i had big plans for a fab NYE dinner- i was so excited for our date and especially some alone time. Del Frisco's was expecting us and they did not disappoint. after a 8 mile run earlier that day, i was kinda ready to eat.

we went all out. last day of the year..why not!

we started out by killing two loaves of this warm, crusty, sesame bread. it was so good i forgot to take a solo picture, but you can see it at the bottom of my top pic. sonny usually has to remind me to snap a pic because as soon as food hits the table, i dive right on in. bear with me.

we got things going with seafood soup and marinated shrimp.

i also munched on the Del's salad.

 i usually do a salad for my app so that i can try to fill up with veggies and not go overboard with the rest of my meal.  i find that some restaurants put way too many croutons in their salads and i always give the excess to sonny. however this was just right.

on to the main event: sword fish for me. i ate all of the delicious cold lobster salad on top, and ate half of the swordfish steak and boxed the rest up for later.

steak for sonny. we also ordered a side of creamed spinach a la carte; i put a couple spoonfuls in my to-go box for sure.

thanks to my mom, i desire something sweet at the end of every meal no matter what! even if it's a handful of chocolate chips, a spoonful of ice cream, peanut butter, whatever. key lime pie is my fav, but when i'm with sonny i tend to get what he wants so we can split it. good thing he almost always gets the chocolate brownie with ice cream. that's usually a staple on any dessert menu. behold...

chocolate souffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. when Sonny pierced the cake with his spoon, warm chocolate ganache oozed out. no picture because, well, you know. it was so rich and decadent- a sweet ending to a incredible evening as well as 2011.

ready to start this blog off with a bang. HNY!