get like me- i'm clump free!!

am i late??? i specifically didn't google this before posting so i wouldn't burst my own bubble.  i made some angel hair pasta night before last.  after draining the noodles and putting them back on the stove (still in the colander and inside the pot) i wondered what the heck else i could put on them so they wouldn't eventually clump together into one big mass by the end of our meal.

  • sure i could run water on them, but that'll wear off and they'll stick again...eventually.
  • sure olive oil enhances the flavor and lubes them up, but noodles are already calorie and carb loaded enough.  why add fat into the mix? remember that olive oil is 120 cals and 14 grams of fat (3 saturated) per ONE table-spoon.


spray some no-stick cooking spray on them.  the butter flavor doesn't hurt, either.  it felt like i was in a hair salon for a sec, but it worked SO well. 2-3 short sprays was all it took, and i only had to apply it once.

they had a pretty, shiny gloss to them.  now don't spray so much that your sauce doesn't stick to your noodles! if that even matters to you.

thought i would just throw that out there. you didn't know this already, stop it!